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Miller replaces Lohan in Dylan Thomas film

SiennaMiller.jpgSienna Miller is a rising talent, and once again she's shown this by taking one of the main roles in The Best Time of Our Lives, the film about Dylan Thomas and the friendship he and his wife had with another couple.

Lindsay Lohan previously had the role, and so Miller is directly replacing her after Lohan pulled out. Great career move for Miller and incredibly bad one for Lohan. One has to wonder where Lohan can go from here, and just watch as Miller rises up the ranks.

The film also stars Keira Knightley, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys.. Variety has the story.

How do you actually feel about the career of these two actresses? Do you care much about Lohan? Do you think she's showing talent in some of the films she's appeared in? What about Miller, is she a good replacement and is she set for greater things?



I wouldn't waste my time watching any movie with Lohan involved in it. Sienna may do well in this film. Remains to be seen.

I dont mind Lohan at all. Couldnt care less who else is involved.


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