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More Horror remakes

VampireTeeth.jpgRemakes galore. We heard there was an April Fool remake on the cards, and there seems to be no stopping the remake machine. This is confirmation that Hollywood really does think this is all a big money earner.

Shivers, Rabid and Death Weekend are all being looked at for remakes apparently. The news comes from Don Carmody who was a Producer on all the films, including the also being remade Terror Train.

This news from Shock Till You Drop through Bloody Disgusting and just confirms that Hollywood is trying to remake all the old horror they can.

Also, from Bloody Disgusting through AITH we heard that Armand Mastroianni's He Knows You're Alone is set to be remade as well, another horror from the 1980's.

This surprises me and saddens me. Isn't there plenty of original horror works out there that haven't yet been made into a film?



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