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More Mummy 3 casting news

AlexPettyfer.jpgHere's a cool piece of casting news online for The Mummy 3, one that fits the part perfectly. Apparently Alex Pettyfer is set to play Alex O'Connell, the son of Rick and Evelyn...oh you know, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz?

While the Jet Li announcement is very cool, this casting news from Bloody Disgusting through /Film fits really well. You just have to look at his face and see the connection. Not just that but the guy is a good actor too.

Who is Pettyfer you might ask? Well he played Alex Rider in Stormbreaker, and pretty well too.

Although I'm still really pretty annoyed about the complete dropping of the Egypt storyline and the move to China, especially since this is the third and possibly last film, and I'm unsure about the Rob Cohen directing bit, but the casting so far has sounded good. Still, does it outweigh the negatives?



I missed Stormbreaker, and I really wanted to see it.


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