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MPAA changes Severance website

MPAAScreen.jpgThe MPAA are growing in power and their influence is far reaching. Now they are forcing websites to edit their content as the film Severance has to remove so called offensive imagery from their site.

The problem? The image of the employee standing looking at his watch, his head newly severed and bloody spurting from his neck. Now what's most alarming about this is just how much more offensive writing that down is over seeing the comic style image. See it in context and it is hilarious, read that statement (which anyone is free to do) and your imagination is running wild.

I can see it now, across the States hundreds of office workers have been saved from having their heads severed in copycat crimes. Idiots. So now that they are censoring films, billboards and websites, what's next? The church, studios, and grandparents save us once again from ass panic and murder. I'm glad someone in this world is managing to fight of the tides of corruption, wrong doing, and evil in the world.

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about just head to the MyMarketingSpace for the film where the MPAA have managed not to reach just yet. You can see the new "save the world" version online now - thanks to Twitch for the links.



America makes me laugh some times.

So is there any information under what law the MPAA could possibly force them to do this? Sounds like voluntary cooperation by the filmakers, not forced compliance. At the worst, they could threaten an NC-17 rating if they didn't change it or possibly force them to pull MPAA links and ratings information. What else could they do?

You're right Hap, there's no law that says they have to, but then the MPAA could easily slap on a tougher rating on the film or some such thing. Those guys aren't the most fair.

Definitely not fair...just trying to figure out how they could force anyone to change a website outside of messing with their rating.


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