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Natali's live action Splice

TheCube.jpgVincenzo Natali is set to bring another science fiction film to the big screen. Not sure who I'm talking about? How about Cube and Cypher? Does that give you a better clue?

Natali wrote and directed Cube and directed Cypher and Paris, je t'aime.

Currently he's directing High Rise, a film he adapted from a novel by J. G. Ballard. The film follows the tenants of a skyscraper who descend into tribal warfare. He's also co-written and directed an animated film called Uberman.

His next project is called Splice, a film about genetic engineering where two scientists become famous by splicing animal DNA together to create strange creatures. Ignoring the law and ethics they push forward with adding human DNA into their experiments.

Originally, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was to be animated, but now it's a live action and is set to start shooting in the summer.



Natali is easily one of my favourite directors and the that he's Canadian is only an added bonus. I'm always excited to see him working on something new and this is no exception!


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