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New Spider-Man 3 trailer online

Spiderman3.jpgThere's also a new trailer out for Spider-Man 3, although out of the trailers we're seeing today this is perhaps the least changed. Well, maybe not if you compare it to The Bourne Ultimatum trailer and you scan through the Spider-Man 3 trailer with your cursor keys after you've seen it.

There are quite a few new shots in here, and it has also been re-edited. I'd say this is probably the strongest trailer but here's a word for the marketing people. If you are going to release multiple trailers for the same film, don't make them so similar. I am finding "trailer fatigue" (note that I just coined that term!) at some of the scenes which have been repeated and repeated in each.

Saying that though, there's some new stuff in here and some of the shots look superb. You can see for yourself over at Apple Trailers [QT].

Are you experiencing some trailer fatigue here, or does it still do it for you?



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