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Nicole Smith diaries show lack of interest for film?

AnnaNicoleSmith.jpgThose behind the upcoming film of Anna Nicole Smith should be taking a much needed reality check today as a story comes out about how her personal diaries have failed to sell. Perhaps there's just not the interest in her life as was first thought?

There are two diaries in question were written between 1992 and 1994 while she was married to Howard Marshall II, the billionaire.

They had been bought by a German businessman for the small fee of US$500,000 through an ebay auction. Recently he decided to resell them through the Heritage Auction Galleries but they failed to get any bids and Heritage have now put them up for sale at a mere $US25,000. Now that's quite a difference.

However the story from WENN through IMDB might well put pay to them being sold at all as her partner has written to the auction house stating that these diaries were stolen and should be returned.

The legality aside, doesn't this suggest that there's a distinct lack of interest in her life, or perhaps an oversaturation with the public already? I would have thought that if there was one film in the works about her life then these diaries would have been an instant target for a studio to make another film on the same subject, as they often do.



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