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On Moral Grounds to get film treatment

Screen Gems have bought the rights to the documentary On Moral Grounds which tells the story of a lawyer who took a large Insurance company to court for not giving Holocaust survivors what they rightfully deserved under their policies.

Lawyer Lisa Stern teamed up with attorney William Shernoff and fought a long battle against the insurance company Generali and won a landmark settlement for the survivors. This resulted in a US$5.2 billion fund that German companies established to pay reparations to the Holocaust survivors.

The deal does include distribution rights for the documentary, but the main point is to make a dramatic film out of the story. The documentary was produced and directed by Robby Kushner.

The story from Variety says that Screen Gems is yet unsure whether the documentary will gain a release or whether it will form part of the feature DVD.

It certainly is a strong tale to tell, although the Hollywood version will focus wholly on the courtroom battle and the fight against a huge corporation.



Would love to see this documentary for sure!


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