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Original Director returns to Cannibal Holocaust remake

CannibalHolocaust.jpgWe knew that there was a remake of Cannibal Holocaust film on the go, now we hear that the original Director Ruggero Deodato is back on board for the remake...oh, and it's not a remake.

Neither is it a sequel. Nor a prequel. No, Deodato and the studio have created a new catch word for their film according to the story from Bloody Disgusting, it's a companion piece. What does that mean? It's as simple as this, they are doing the same story, now either they are doing something before or after the original story, or doing the original itself again, what other option is there? Surely a companion piece would be just another one of these?

Well whatever you call it the original film is a harrowing one that was banned in so many countries for it's horrific realism and gore. Indeed for a short time it was believed to be real footage and the Director was even put in jail for a short period.

However I can't see this being anything but a remake, and no other amount of spin is going to change that is it?



Sounds like a remake to me.

I'm having a hard time finding the original and to be honest, I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. This may also be one I skip right over.

you're right, of course, it's just a title that's being spun to attempt to avoid the negative ideas of remakes - an admission they're crap, or not, it does at least confirm someone somewhere inside the film world realises the phrase does potentially cause harm. still, what 'remake' hides as a label will be more than evident once you actually see what deodato makes... spin doesn't help, folk living in the UK have experienced a decade of twisting the meanings behind words and phrases, and in the end you can only exploit it for so long before it comes back to haunt you, big time.

i would be surprised if he manages to find the same state of mind as before - the crew that talk about the originals production say how they got lost within their own minds, isolated in a strange country, and subsequently turned out what's one of cinemas most horrific and impressive pieces of filmmaking. i don't see anyone anywhere quite able to turn out a film with an atmosphere that odd, an approach that extreme, at this point in time. still, i wait with interest. seems to me, though, this is more about making a commercial product which primarily attempts to connect itself directly to the long-running controversy and mysticism surrounding a film many will have a sense of but may not have actually seen - or been able to watch through to the end of...


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