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Parker says Blood Brothers in trouble

BloodBrothers.jpgBlood Brothers is a musical written by Willy Russell, a very successful musical being one of the longest running musicals of all time, the West End production is still running after nearly twenty years, it opened in 1988.

The great Director Alan Parker is working on getting a screen version of the film on the go but he's run into cash difficulties and it seems that they can't secure the funding. The only way out seems to be to get big names on the film and secure the funding that way.

According to WENN through Starpulse News Blog Parker says that the production needs at least US$40 million to progress, and he's adamant that if he doesn't get it he'll not do the film.

"Blood brothers is a cultural icon. We don't want to make a little film - we prefer to make it properly or not at all."

Although there's no direct attributation, the names Cate Blanchett and Bono are being mentioned in the story for people being lined up to star in the film and help secure the money needed. After all if big names are onboard then the money will come rolling in.

I find this strange though, the play is one of the longest running with twenty years under its belt, and some big names have been involved in the stage version, so why can't the film version secure the funding?



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