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Poster shows Ledger as the Joker

FakeJoker.jpgThis film poster of Heath Ledger in full Joker make up for The Dark Knight is fan art I'm positive, but it's very well put together fan art.

It does look good, although I'd say it gives me more of a Burton Batman feel than anything. With the previous talk that Ledger has been practicing his grin around the house and hasn't yet tried the make up process, as well as the fact that the filmmakers have said they aren't sure how much of the joker face will be used for the film, I think it's way too early to be seeing an official poster like this.

You can see the full image made into poster form by selecting this link.

You have to give credit to the work here, it does look really good. What do you think? More convinced that Ledger can do the role now?



That's not Heath Ledger in the picture, it's Conrad Veidt from The Man Who Laughs, the only 1928 silent movie.

That poster has been doing the rounds since before Ledger was cast... but it does look pretty neat and does look a little like Ledger.

But yeah, it's been around for at least 12 months. The picture even got itself in a British newspaper earlier this year.

Aha, thanks for the background Matt. I knew it was fake, but it does look good...I never had it pegged as not being Ledger though, and I'd never seen it before today.

Can't wait to see Ledger in full make-up, I don't think I have ever anticipated an image more than this.

Yeah, I was really impressed with the work on it. It does look really good. However there has been talk in the past that they might not feature a lot of the make up effect and would strip it back, while this certainly does I'm not sure if they'll even go this far.

I have been seeking that silent movie for years. Hard to find here it is :S

I am also looking forward to see Ledger full display of the best villain ever conceived. He can surprise many people.


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