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Rachel Weisz leaves The Mummy 3

RachelWeisz.jpgConfirming earlier reports it seems as though Rachel Weisz is off The Mummy 3 and Brendan Fraser is on. Previously we heard the rumour that Weisz was unsure about returning and that she hadn't been contacted about the film while Fraser had been.

So there's not a great surprise for Fraser returning and Weisz not, especially when you look at their careers currently, and in terms of the Mummy franchise you have to wonder if this is another sign for the film. The move away from Egypt, the change of focus of the story to the son, Rob Cohen directing, and now the recasting or non-appearance of the female lead...

It just doesn't sound like The Mummy anymore.

The story comes from Variety and they point out that she has won an oscar since her last appearance in the franchise and has quite a busy schedule with some higher brow films on offer.

In the meantime the script is getting another rewrite to sort out the absence of the character rather than recast, something which I definitely think is a good move. Yet does any of this sound like it's The Mummy to you?



Word is that Weisz left because of the bad script


Oh well is there any way the script can be improved? It would be great to see Rachel back again. I've always loved their (Fraser) team up. Any news as to whether John Hannah is also returning? ;)

Hm, not good news.

Rachel Weisz is too snotty to "lower" herself into doing a role that isnt intellectual masturbation. I hate these greedy [racist comment removed - Richard] that think they are Gods gift to earth when in reality they are just whiny pieces of crap.

i don't like the mummy 3 it is not the same with out Rachel Weisz

I take pleasure in, cause I discovered exactly what I was looking for.
You've ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye


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