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Raimi confirms three more Spider-Man films

SamRaimi.jpgWell suprise surprise, Sam Raimi confirms what we knew all along that there's going to be more Spider-Man films. How could there not?

At a press junket he revealed that Sony have plans to go for at least six films in the franchise. It's not really a surprise is it? The films are doing really well and the positivity and hype around them is huge. However, the really interesting thing is what is said about his involvement, and if this is the way he said it then I think we're leaning to the very positive here.

Raimi said that he hasn't had time to think of any involvement and he doesn't want to presume Sony would want him to direct.

He said there has to be a good story to tell and that "it'd be very hard to say goodbye to 'Spider Man.'"

That's what Coming Soon are reporting from the junket, and to me that sounds like he really wants to keep going. That's not a negative comment or I've had enough, that's definitely I would love to but I haven't been asked yet. He's right though, the story would have to be good, and we'll have to see how this one is received too.



I remember hearing that Spiderman would be long running a while ago. When all of the talk regarding Spiderman 3 being the last came out, I was really confused!

Actually, it's been "confirmed" since Avi Arad was discussing the Silver Surfer on the Fantastic Four sequel. All they're waiting for is the BO results.

Yep, Filmstalker has an article from 28/06/2006:

Spider-Man 4 confirmed?

Except it's not Arad, it's the effects guys in the studio who work on Spider-Man. Two months short of a year ago.

Oh why not??? Great news. So my nephews and I will grow up together watching this stupendous saga.


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