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Ridley Scott directs Crowe in Robin Hood revised

RidleyScott.jpgInteresting news today that Ridley Scott is set to direct Russell Crowe in the latest adaptation of the Robin Hood tale where they're making the Sheriff of Nottingham the good guy.

We heard that Crowe was onboard this project a few months back:

The story sounds like a modern day detective novel, the Sheriff is investigating a series of murders in Nottingham in which Robin Hood is the main suspect - is he wearing a hoodie and hanging around shopping centres?...

...Joking aside this has a lot of potential as it comes from the creators of Sleeper Cell which has been really quite a clever show. Ethan Reiff, one of the creators, said that the strength of it is in the simplicity of making the Sheriff the good guy. Does that then follow that they will make Robin Hood the bad guy, or still a lovable rogue outlaw always doing good deeds?

Well those questions haven't been answered in the Variety article through Rope of Silicon as yet, but I think it's great news for the project that Ridley Scott is directing, and with the Sleeper Cell creators coming up with the story it might be something interesting.

Still I can't get over the fact that it's potentially turning round the entire conflict and main characters. Russell Crowe is a good choice for the Sheriff though don't you think?



Alright. I'm willing to keep an open mind about this because it's a different take on the story and though I generally dislike Crowe, I will admit the guy is a great actor and I agree he's great for the role of the Sheriff. This sounds like it could be fun.

Of course Crowe is a very good choice!

There are a lot of people who like Robin Hood and some cases relate to somebody robbing the greedy to feed the under privileged.

Changing that around will be interesting, but may encounter more resistance than they think


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