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Rob Zombie's Halloween trailer online

Halloween.jpgThe first trailer has appeared online for Rob Zombie's Halloween, and despite the mixed commentary to date, the trailer does look very strong. Have a look and see what you think.

The trailer shows the young Michael Myers going a little mad and we hear from the new Doctor Loomis, Malcolm McDowell. It does look good, although the ending is a little stock shock, the rest makes it look strong, bloody and very violent. Will John Carpenter be proud?

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [WMV:QT] through Coming Soon.

Do you think he's going to silence the critical voices we've already heard?



Yup, saw it last night in front of Grindhouse (awesome). I thought it looked pretty decent for a horror movie (I generally hate horror flicks).

There's a special place in my heart for Zombie, even if I hated Devil's Rejects. Werewolf Women of the SS. YES!

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I can't imagine fans of the original Halloween will want to see this. Maybe some, of course, but not all. Zombie is changing everything that was great about the original Halloween.

1) In the original, Michael comes from a normal, loving family. He's kills his sister for no apparent reason. He is simply evil, and there is no real reason, and that is frightening. In the remake, they're giving Michael a drugged out stripper for a mom, an abusive stepfather, and a whore for a sister. Gee. How original.

2) Young Michael is going to masturbate to pictures of dead animals... umm............

3) Michael is going to talk while wearing the mask. Are you kidding me?

4) Michael is the size of a professional wrestler. He is no longer the stealthy, regular human known simply as "The Shape."

5) The mask looks terrible. It's barely even white, it's filthy and it just looks awful.

6) The original Halloween has almost zero gore. It relies on atmosphere and suspense to frighten. Zombie's Halloween is going to be a gore and nudity fest. It's going to be ridiculous.

Why is Zombie even remaking this? Why doesn't he just make his own damn killer movie if he's changing nearly EVERYTHING that made the original Halloween great? Like I said, this is ridiculous.

Couldn't agree with you more Jonathan.

There was a time when Michael Myers creeped the hell out of me and made me (and my brother) afraid of the dark. But what Zombie has done with this unnecessary remake is erase all the elements that made Myers the scary figure that he was, making him someone the audience are forced upon (so it would seem) to feel sorry for and instead of hiding under the bed covers from him, we are supposed to understand and give our heart to him, so to speak.

Going by what I just saw in the trailer only made me fonder of the original.

I doubt the critics will sing praises because a lot don't appear to like horror movies, especially the slasher kind. Since this is a remake/reimagining of the cards are automatically against him.

None of that really bothers me though because I love Rob Zombie and I really want him to succeed in the film part of his career. He's a cool guy and appreciates his fans. I've been loving his music since a teenager and man, he fabulous in concert!

I liked the trailer for Halloween. I think a lot will be changed from the original, but that's not always a bad thing. I really am curious to see Rob's vision and I hope I will enjoy it because I adore the original. Both versions will always be separate movies and I doubt I will like Rob's version more than Carpenter's - I think that would be impossible.
I do think it's going to be fun and I look forward to seeing Rob's talent mature.

Speaking of Grindhouse, wher the hell is the Stalker review? I'm curious.

Looking forward to stalkers review of Grindhouse..

Grindhouse is a US release at the moment and I'm in the UK...I have to wait months to see it yet!

Why am I the only person I know who will defend the previous and future film projects of Rob Zombie?

Personally, I think both of his first films were fun. I use the word fun because I do know that these are not movie masterpieces. But for his first 2 films, and what they were trying to do, they were very good. Lots of gore, good characters, gritty language and boobs.

I think Zombie taking on Halloween is going to be FUN. Zombie is a pretty twisted fellow, and I think he will be able to scare the pants off of us using this iconic character.

changing some of the story is fine, the base will remain and no MM will not talk, I promise.

Throughout the Halloween movies, they ended up adding this mystical aspect to MM, which was never the original intent. MM is simply nuts and thats that. I think Zombie will be able to bring that back, along with making him more sick and twisted.

This is a treatment which can translate very well into a modern day film, and from what I've seen in the trailer (and yes I know they can make trailers look spectacular for crappy movies) it has the potential of being a great ride.

Give Zombie a chance, I can see him being a very respected horror director in years to come.


I'm in the VERY small minority that actually liked House of 1000 Corpses better than Rejects. Having said that, neither one of them are all THAT great. And his trailer in Grindhouse was by far the weakest one. He needs to start using new actors. Not his wife and Mosely over and over in everything he does (including his music albums). Still, I dig him and will pretty much see anything he makes... at least for a while.

Hey Brad,

I sing praises for Rob Zombie! I am also one of the few who liked House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects. I have to say that it seems to me that some people out there seem to purposely choose to bash him or dislike his work.

I'm looking forward to the new Halloween. The footage used for the first trailer was only from the first two weeks of filming. Rob said himself on his MySpace blog that it didn't really show too much about what would unfold.

I realize I'm no Richard, but I reviewed "Grindhouse" over at my site ScreenRant.com. :-)

Personally I agree with Jonathan in regards to this movie as compared to the original.



One last thing that I think is important to remember when casting stones at a begining director.

Let me take you back about 10 to 15 years to a horrible horror movie titled "Bad Taste". This laughable alien gore fest was the first works of Peter Jackson. Followed up by an even more campy and ridiculouse gore fest "Braindead" or "Dead Alive" in the States.

Yes Peter Jackson started out with bad movies (which are now cult classics). Now he has 4 major big budget blockbusters under his belt.

Do you think anyone saw that future for him after seeing a rat gnaw the shin bone off of an old lady?

Excellent point Brad, and perhaps some are being too harsh on him for such a short career, I know I'm definitely not a fan so far. Perhaps he can broaden his films as he grows into new areas, but remaining in pure horror I'd still be sceptical.



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