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Sahara case reveals bribes and wasted budget

Sahara.jpgApparently the court case regarding Sahara and the writer Clive Cussler is revealing some information about the film that the filmmakers might rather remained hidden.

According to the story the case has revealed confidential documents that reveal that amongst the budget were bribes used in Morocco to allow filming of certain scenes, scenes that in the end never made it into the film.

Some of the documents filed in the case show expenses that are attributed to local bribes which include the delaying of a river developent so the boat chase could be filmed. Apart from the bribe mentioned they also tell how the filming of a two million dollar plane crash was cut from the film.

The report comes from Associated Press through the L.A. Times and KESQ News Channel 3.

This just marks the next step in the case, where we see the ideals of law and justice thrown out the window in favour of making each party look the worse in order to get the most favourable outcome, and the most money.

Actually Cussler is taking the filmmakers to court over the film Sahara which he says was terrible and nothing like the script he was approving. He claims that the studio and producers broke his contract by not allowing him script approvals. You can read more about the case in the previous stories - Sahara creators in court, Cussler says Sahara's heart was torn out and Cussler case shows Producers in bad light.



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