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Sallah not in Indiana Jones IV

JohnRhys-Davies.jpgThere have been lot's of things about the new Indiana Jones film that are making fans of the series nervous, and this is another. News in today suggests that the character of Sallah played by John Rhys-Davies is out of the final film.

Now it's not a major thing on it's own, but it is another in a series of changes that just seem to be distancing this latest film from the series. However there's still hope that Sean Connery will return and there are still those outstanding rumours that the Indy love interests Karen Allen and Kate Capshaw will also return, so surely that's not all bad?

The news from Dark Horizons through Moviehole are still rumours, and if they are true then I am a bit saddened, I loved this character. Is Indiana Jones IV losing something with the disappearance of this character?



It would have gone full circle if Rhys-Davies is going to be involved. Shame.

It wouldn't ruin the movie if he wasn't in it... but I just really wish they wouldn't leave him out...

Simone, surely, The Last Crusade where Sallah returned was when the series went "full circle"?

That movie neatly completed a trilogy of adventures.

Any further adventures after that IMO should really not be dependant on including supporting characters from the old films. (Including those love interest characters mentioned.)

In any case, Sallah's inclusion would logically be decided on by the geographical location of the film.

Well, I guess you're partly right Morbius, but for the film's last hurrah (possibly) wouldn't it be nice to see at least some of them together again, one last time.


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