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Sarsgaard, Hopper and Blondie join Dying Animal

PeterSarsgaard.jpgAnother Philip Roth novel is heading for adaptation and it could have an interesting cast as Peter Sarsgaard, Dennis Hopper and Deborah Harry are announced as joining the cast. His latest novel for adaptation is The Dying Animal.

They join an already impressive cast list of Penélope Cruz, Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson. What excites me most about this is seeing Kingsley and Hopper together on screen, I really do hope they have some scenes where they are playing off each other, that would make for interesting viewing.

The announcement comes from Variety. Here's the blurb I wrote from the previous story which makes it sound a very interesting and intense tale, perfect for Kingsley and some of the other actors involved.

Kingsley is set to play David Kepesh, a well respected TV culture critic who is also a lecturer at a New York college who finds his life turned upside down after meeting Consuela Castillo played by Cruz. She is a student in one of his courses and he begins an erotic relationship with her, however he soon grows his feelings of desire into a possession and obsession as he becomes filled with a self destructive jealousy.

I've only read one Roth novel, The Plot Against America, and although it was interesting I felt it washed over events, I never felt emotionally connected to the characters or what was happening around them. However this sounds incredibly emotional and connected to the characters, definitely a film to keep an eye on.



Me loves Peter (Sarsgaard) since I saw him in Shattered Glass then Garden State. I am also looking forward to see him in this dark comedy called Year of the Dog.

Yes, Sarsgaard rocks. And I'll see anything with my fiancee in it. VOLVER for best foreign language film = SNUB.

You're getting married to Sarsgaard? Wow, he's a nice bloke and all. Congratulations.

Kidding, I know you mean Kingsley! ;)

I've only see Sarsgaard in Jarhead and Garden State, and while he really didn't make a big impression in the latter I thought his freak out scene in Jarhead was superb.


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