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Saw IV gets new cast member

SawIII.jpgThe first casting announcement has been made for Saw IV, although it is fair to say that there was one cast in the film beforehand, and that's Tobin Bell to play Jigsaw. However there's a rumour going around that there's another person cast already.

The word has come that Scott Patterson has joined the film. Who? You might ask? Well he's been seen in Gilmore Girls on US television for quite some time.

The tip comes from an anonymous scooper over at Bloody Disgusting and I'm totally unphased by the news, mainly because his TV appearances have just flown over the top of my head since I'm not in the States.

So, apart from that unexciting news we do know that Bell is Jigsaw, Darren Lynn Bousman is directing and Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are the writers - these are the guys that wrote Feast - and Thomas H. Fenton producing the screenplay. Now that news does interest me.



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