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Scott takes on another odd biographical film

TonyScott.jpgTony Scott is in the midst of optioning a Vanity Fair article called Pat Dollard's War on Hollywood as well as the life rights to Pat Dollard in order to make a film on the controversial Hollywood agent who became a war documentarian.

The article told that Dollard was the stereotypical Hollywood player, a man who partook of drugs, wives and much partying. However he threw all that behind him when he went across to Iraq and took up with the Marines and embedded himself within the units. He also seemed to take a somewhat strange journey himself as he shaved his hair into a mohawk and had the word die shaved into his chest hair.

The story is set to look at his attempts to sell the documentary he created called Young Americans, as well as another project he was trying to sell which Reuters through Yahoo News describes as:

...an incoherent porn filmed by a rehab sidekick...

Sounds completely bizarre, and yet at the same time right up Scott's street don't you think? The author of the Vanity article, Evan Wright and Dollard are writing the screenplay.



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