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Shoot 'Em Up pictures online with Owen, Giamatti and Bellucci

MonicaBellucci.jpgThere are some pictures online for the film Shoot 'Em Up starring Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti with Giamatti playing the bun totting madman.

The film is about a man called Mr Smith played by Owen who delivers a baby during a shootout and then has to protect the baby from the army of gunmen led by Giamatti. The trailer was mentioned previously on Filmstalker.

You can see the pictures over at Monsters and Critics through the excellent Twitch, and if you didn't before it's well worth having a look at that trailer again.



oh no, is it time for me to start moaning about clive owen again? actually, i will have to say that his acting is improving or rather the character(s) he is portraying are better suited.

Monica bellucci is larger than life and always warrants a full screen cinema viewing. can't wait.


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