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Shrek 4 confirmed

Shrek.jpgA fourth Shrek film has been confirmed, although we hear absolutely nothing about the story. So we can expect a Shrek 4 if the third does well enough, and there's no real doubt of that is there?

It was Guillaume Aretos, the production designer for Shrek the Third who spoke out:

"There is a Shrek 4, and I know the story, but you don’t, and I can’t say it, but it’s actually very good and very funny."

That's all that Charlotte over at Moviehole could get hold of, there's no word of the spin off for Puss in Boots (thank the lord). Am I the only one who's not interested in a spin off for the Puss in Boots character?

I think as long as they keep getting the good ideas then there's no problem about keeping the series going, but the second that the quality of the picture slides I think they have to drop it, and not even be tempted by a direct to anything.



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