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Singer versus Saint on Harvey Milk film

BryanSinger.jpgBryan Singer was announced as making a film about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay official elected in the US, in May of last year and now it looks as though he's in a race to get filmed along with Gus Van Saint.

Singer's version is entitled The Mayor of Castro Street while Saint's isn't yet carrying a title. Both tell the story of Milk who rose to power as an official in San Francisco and was recognised as the first openly gay official in the US, however he was assassinated along with the Mayor of the time George Moscone by a fellow official Dan White.

Singer's version was last rewritten by Chris McQuarrie and the project has already had a lifetime of some fifteen years. Saint's has been written by Dustin Lance Black and they are currently looking for a buyer.

Variety make a big deal of the comparison between the Infamous and Capote films saying that these clearly show that getting in first with a film like this grabs the returns. I'm not so sure on that and I do believe that the audience can be more discerning than simply going to see the first thing thrown at them, well I hope they are.

With these two films it doesn't matter how perfect the performances of the second film were, or the names involved, it wasn't marketed as much as the first and the Capote actors were massively out pitched in Hollywood - the name of Toby Jones versus Philip Seyour Hoffman? Slap the latter on more marketing and see what comes out.

Marketing will decide, and with Singer carrying a McQuarrie rewrite in front of a Warners label? Well I think I can see the future result here.



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