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Slater and Cuthbert talk He Was a Quiet Man

HeWasAQuietMan.jpgHe Was A Quiet Man is a film starring William H. Macy, Elisha Cuthbert and Christian Slater.

The film sounds like more of the same unique and unusual roles for Macy, something great for Cuthbert's career, and definitely an incredibly strong character role for Slater. Could this be the return of his career? Here's a blurb of the film from New York Times.

Slater plays a middle aged man who is pretty much ignored in his humdrum job, and because of the way he's treated he finds he is carrying an anger and hatred for those around him. Close to exploding and starting to loose his control, he starts taking a gun to work, but it's not him that's the one to lose it. Another man opens fire one day and without thinking he pulls the gun and kills the shooter. Suddenly, he's the hero. In the shooting a girl is wounded, played by Cuthbert, and as he keeps an eye on her at the hospital he finds that his new found recognition is having an even worse affect on him.

It's written and directed by Frank A. Cappello who wrote Constantine and directed American Yakuza.

You can see a short interview with both Cuthbert and Slater right here where they talk about their roles.

The video comes from LX.TV through Gen Art Pulse.

I'm interested in this, Macy is always great, and Slater has some great talent given the role, so to see him in a heavy character based role should be interesting. Plus Cuthbert has been getting better in her choices.



Slater really has chosen some awful roles lately, I mean appearing on Channel 4's Friday night Projec was low! He needs to get back on track after appearing in DTV land for a number of years.


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