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Species IV trailer online here

HelenaMattsson.jpgThe trailer for Species IV has just appeared online, and it makes me wonder how come some franchises keep going over others.

The acting looks rough, and although the actors are recognisable they aren't for lead roles, well not for a while. They've even replaced Natasha Henstridge with Helena Mattsson, yes she is beautiful, but not as striking as Henstridge.

I'm not sure this looks that good, and the studio look set to agree as it turns to a direct to whatever. Mind you you can understand why the franchise would keep going, add sex with horror and you have a studio dream, perhaps not the dream of the audience, but the studio obviously think so.

You can see the trailer right here.

The trailer comes from YouTube through Coming Soon and AITH.

What do you think? Rubbish or something good?



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