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Stalked: First Joker photo and Damon as The Green Arrow?

HeathLedger.jpgMatt Damon is being rumoured to be connected with The Green Arrow way too early and there are incredibly grainy set shots of Heath Ledger as the Joker from The Dark Knight on set.

Matt Damon has been rumoured to be in talks to star in the film The Green Arrow, despite it just having a writer attached and Goyer having just been talking about the idea. The rumour comes through Comic Book Movie.

There's an extremely grainy shot of what could be Heath Ledger playing the Joker from The Dark Knight online. It's incredibly grainy and you see next to nothing, so don't be too excited. In fact don't be excited at all. The photos come from SuperHero Hype through Rope of Silicon. It's the last shot they have that is the most interesting, all those boxed masks that it seems the Joker's gang will wear.



Is it me or do most of those masks look kind of female?

I can't resist it...

I don't know, do you look kind of female? da-dum!

Sorry, it was an Airplane kind of joke I couldn't resist! Yes, I think you're right, they do look like that.


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