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Stalked: Langella confired as Nixon, and Jamelia on film

Jamelia.jpgFrank Langella has been confirmed as Richard Nixon after the rumour a few days ago, and Jamelia is set to enter film, maybe as a Bond girl?.

Jamelia is a great British talent, I love her singing and she looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous, so it's no surprise that she's being picked up for a film role. According to her comments at the Spider-Man 3 premiere, she's excited about having a part in a new film, although she's not saying what it is. Digital Spy have the story and hint that she's admitted she'd love to be a Bond girl before. Well, she looks stunning, but can she act?

Frank Langella is confirmed as revisiting his role of Richard Nixon on stage in the film version of Frost-Nixon. He joins his stage co-star Michael Sheen in the film which Ron Howard is to direct. I'm really excited by this project, and I think they couldn't have picked anyone else but Langella, especially with taking Sheen to the big screen for the adaptation. The confirmation comes from Variety, and the rumour was just a few days ago.



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