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Stalked: Miller confirms two Sin City sequels and Dr Doom's pictured

FrankMiller.jpgFrank Miller says there are two Sin City sequels in the pipeline and Dr Doom's picture online shows his new armour.

Frank Miller has been talking to the LA Times about some of the upcoming projects of his and he's let slip a few interesting facts. Not only has he been metting with Richard Donner, but he confirms that there are two Sin City sequels in the pipeline. Now that pipeline may be huge and the third will most certainly depend on the success of the second, but still. The story comes from LA Times through /Film.

There's a picture out there of Dr Doom's new costume in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I find it interesting that it has only been in the last few weeks that we've seen images popping up online for the actual characters in Fantastic Four instead of everything being focused on the Surfer. Now don't get me wrong I want it that way, in fact I want Surfer in his own more adult film, but when this is a Fantastic Four film I'm just surprised the marketing is this way round.

Anyway, there's a still of the Doom-meister over at Counting Down, the entire article of which you can see framed through Comics2Film.



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