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Stalked: Old news of Tommy Lee Jones and Crank sequel

Crank_Poster.jpgTwo stories that are repeated from old today. First is the Tommy Lee Jones in In The Electric Mist with Confederate Dead, and then there's the Crank sequel talk.

Back in January we heard that Tommy Lee Jones was to star in the film In The Electric Mist with Confederate Dead. This is an adaptation of the story by James Lee Burke, a continuation of the Dave Robicheaux series of novels of which Heaven's Prisoners starring Alec Baldwin is another.

Now Variety tells us that there are more stars attached, John Goodman, Peter Saarsgard, Ned Beatty, James Gammon, Levon Helm, Kelly Macdonald, Justina Machado, Tom Sizemore and Mary Steenburgen have joined since January.

It's flying around the net at the moment, but last month we heard that the Crank writers were developing a sequel for Crank (Filmstalker review). I read the latest story over at Obsessed With Film who carried it from TMB.

The question still remains from a month ago, how can they do a second film? Poison him again? Even after the heights that the plot line was cranked up to? Won't a sequel just do the same thing again?



Sounds like it's time for the whole "it was just a dream" plot device...


Since Chev is alive and well at the end of Crank, he isn't cured yet, so he has to go do something. I think he can just keep going and going, maybe vigilante style.

I don't know, I liked Crank quite a bit (especially the characters) and I think there are some creative minds that can keep this story going... and probably going in the right direction.

PS - I love the little message when rolling over the link. Haha!

Mmm...I don't know Andrew, he was in a situation where there was no logical way out.

no idea how they can do a sequel, his eyes blinking or not he fell from how many feet? unless of course its gonna be cyborg-crank, but yeah richard is right old news.....


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