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Stalked: Pakistan prisons and Broderick, Madsen and Alda

The true life tale of a man imprisoned with the worst of Pakistan prisoners and Matthew Broderick leads Virginia Madsen and Alan Alda.

Odd days is a film about to enter production which tells the story of Erik Aude, a football star who became an actor and who was framed for smuggling opium in Pakistan. Initially he was sentenced to death, and then this was changed to seven years imprisonment. Luckily he only served three of those before being released, but those three he spent in the company of criminals and terrorists from such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban which gave him strong survival skills.

The story from Variety tells us that recently a US trial reached a verdict in his favour and against the drug trafficker who set him up. Now the story is set to be told in a film that could either turn into an inspirational one, or a harrowing one telling of the time in prison. Hopefully the story will show both aspects, but not turn too heroically charged.

Matthew Broderick, Virginia Madsen and Alan Alda are starring together in a comedy called Diminished Capacity which tells the story of an unusual road trip. Broderick will play a man who suffers memory loss after an accident which results in a head injury. He decides to go on this trip with his father, Alda, who suffers from Alzheimers, and his high school sweetheart played by Madsen. They are heading off to a memorabilia show to try and sell a rare baseball card they have in their possession.

Variety has the story. It certainly has a strong cast and the story sounds funny, but I'm not so sure how the film will turn out. All I hope is that Madsen gets more screen and acting time, she's a superb actress.



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