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Stalked: Rex Libris and Heart Shaped Box adaptations

Book.jpgRex Libris is the comic book about a normal guy who joins a secret society of librarians (yes you read this right) who fight the forces of darkness and it's about to be adapted for the big screen by Mark Burton.

James Turner wrote the original comic which looks to the head librarian Rex Libris who protects the world's knowledge and most dangerous secrets from being captured by evil forces. As he and his secret organisation battle evil the use hi-tech weaponry, and their vast array of knowledge. Oh, and they are aided by the ancient god who lives underneath the basement.

Sounds a bizarre story, but an interesting one none the less. From Variety through Coming Soon.

Neil Jordan is the man to rewrite and direct Heart Shaped Box, the horror novel from Joe Hill, Stephen King's son's pen name (I almost wrote pet!). According to The Hollywood Reporter through Bloody Disgusting, Tom Padst wrote the original screenplay.

The book tells the story of a rock star who is obsessed with the occult, and not just for the image and the press. He buys a suit through an online auction, a suit that is claimed to be haunted by its previous owner. The ghost brings with it the demons of his past and the star has to confront them all.



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