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Stalked: Scott directs Stalin police tale, Firth and Skarsgard join Mamma Mia! and Owen leads

RidleyScott.jpgClive Owen is set to lead The International, Ridley Scott gets another directing project in the form of a Stalinist secret police tale, and Firth and Skarsgard join Mamma Mia!

Ridley Scott has another directing project lined up, this one is the novel by Tom Rob Smith called Child 44 which is yet to be published. The story focuses on an officer in the secret police in Stalinist Russia who is framed by his colleages for treason. He quickly heads off on the run with his wife. Somehow, while on the run, he comes across a series of child murders and begins to investigate them despite the risk of capture. The story comes from Variety.

Hard to believe but the latest additions to the Mamma Mia! cast, that's the stage musical of Abba songs that has taken to the big screen, contain two very surprising names. Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, and Christine Baranski. Yes Firth and Skarsgard are joining the big screen Abba musical, not who I would have first thought of at all. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend.

Clive Owen is set to star in the film The International directed by Tom Twyker and written by Eric Singer. The film is about an Interpol agent who investigates corruption in financial institutions according to Variety



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