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Stalked: Scotty in space and Evans as The Night Watchman

JamesDoohan.jpgScotty's ashes finally make it to space and Chris Evans joins The Night Watchman (not the Watchmen as the Interwebby titles would have you believe).

Chris Evans has joined Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker aboard the film The Night Watchman. According to Evans through IGN, he plays a good cop called Diskant, and when Reeve's character is implicated in the murder he is the cop that investigates. I'm quitely interested in the project, it does sound promising from what we've heard so far. The story is adapated from a James Ellroy novel with David Ayer directing.

Finally the ashes of James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty in Star Trek, have been scattered in space. His ashes were accompanied by those of two hundred other people, and his widow pressed the button that launched him into space from New Mexico, aboard a private SpaceLoft XL rocket. The report from the BBC is a bit confusing, as it states that:

During a 15-minute flight the rocket, which reached about 70 miles above the earth, separated into two parts which returned to Earth on parachutes with the capsules holding the remains.

I can only presume that they meant to say that the capsules with the remains didn't just fall back down to Earth, or did they?



I thought that's what they meant too.


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