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Statham in negotiations for Deathrace 3000

JasonStatham.jpgMore confirmations as we hear that Jason Statham is officially in negotiations to star in the Paul W.S. Anderson remake of Death Race 2000, Deathrace 3000.

This comes as confirmation of the rumour last month with the confirmation coming from Yahoo News.

The original story tells of a futuristic cross-country race where innocent bystanders are mowed down for additional points. The remake is thought to follow the same plot.

Now part of me is excited that Statham is going to be taking on a role in a remake of the film, but at the same time I can't help but thinking that this isn't going to work as a remake and we'll see this fall flat. I just can't understand why Statham isn't picking up stronger roles and getting out of this niche he seems stuck in. I guess though he does have Transporter 3 to look forward to.



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