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Stormare plays Wolf in Ekman's Vord

PeterStormare.jpgThere are some cool actors out there and Peter Stormare makes my list. He's about to join a film which will mark the Swedish novelist Kerstin Ekman's first script which will be directed by Daniel Alfredson.

They've got history together too. Alfredson has directed a TV film of another of Ekman's novels, The Death Bell (Dödsklockan). Now they are set to bring Wolf (Vord) to the big screen starring the superb Stormare.

The film tells the story of a reindeer handler played by Stormare and looks into the traditional way of life of the Sami people and the difficulties of mixing with the modern day world.

The story from Variety gives us some interesting titbits about the Author.

Ekman is one of the members of the Swedish Royal Academy who award the Nobel Prize for Literature, and she tried to resign when the Academy refused to give their backing to Salman Rushdie. One of her novels, Darkwater, was taken up by Anthony Minghella who tried to develop it into a film but failed.

Stormare is a superb talent and he's been in quite a few excellent films, and call me crazy but one of my favourite moments of his is from Constantine. With just a few scenes at the end he stole the entire film for me. Although the topic doesn't hold anything exciting for me just yet the fact that Stormare is in it does. How about you, does Stormare do it for you too?



Just a small correction; The Swedish title, and the Swedish word for Wolf, is "varg", not "vord".

Oh, that's interesting. What's Vord then because that's what I copy and pasted as the title!


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