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Stranded astronauts get film

SpaceStation.jpgToo Far From Home is a novel by Chris Jones which tells the story of three astronauts who were stranded on the International Space Station for one hundred days in 2003, and now Universal look set to make it into a film.

The novel looks at the astronauts who were left stranded aboard the International Space Station when the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry. This grounded the Space Shuttles and the men looked set to be stranded on the station for months, if not years. How would they get them supplies? How could they get them home? The answer was in the Russian Space Program.

According to reports the book is incredibly gripping, and since it is simply based on three people with no one else around there's time to look into the characters. It also marked an extremely worrying time for them, for they were completely isolated.

Variety have the story that will no doubt focus on the US - Russian partnership to get the astronauts home, a truly International rescue.



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