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Stuntman reveals he doubled for Jackie Chan

JackieChan.jpgJackie Chan is coming up for a bit of flack just now as a a stunt double reveals on his personal blog that he doubled for Chan in a few films. For some strange reason there seems to be a bit of a controversy about it.

Stuntman Bruce Law has said in his Chinese blog that he's double for various stars including Chan, and that has started the Chinese media exploring the possibility that perhaps Chan doesn't do all his daring stunts after all.

Part of me is saying so what? Something that Law then did on his own blog:

"Everyone uses stunt doubles. What's so surprising about it?"

Is the quote through CNN. Well I guess what is surprising is that it's Chan, and he really does make it a standpoint of his career that he does his own daring stunts.

However let's look at this a bit more carefully. He did hint at this some time ago when he said that he wasn't allowed to do everything he wanted, although he never said he had stunt doubles at the time.

The story is that in Hollywood there are so many insurance restrictions on the film and the stars that he can't really get to do everything he wanted to, and that would probably mean stunt doubles coming in.

Chan's spokesperson said a similar thing, that in Hollywood he had to use a stunt double for insurance purposes and to make sure that the production didn't stop if there was an accident. Law also agrees with that on his blog.

I don't think there's a real fuss here, after all look at the career that Chan has had and the amazing stunts he's done, and is still doing, except over in Hollywood they just won't let him free to do what he does best, and that's why we see him in Rush Hour films.



Touche on the last sentence Richard. ;)


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