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Teeth gets R rating

Teeth.jpgTeeth has been given an R rating. Let me remind you this is a comedy about a young woman who discovers she has teeth in her vagina which she uses to chop off the penis' of guys who have done her wrong. Yes, I know, it sounds incredibly silly and bizarre, but it went down a storm at Sundance.

Now before we go any further remember the earlier story that Stardust, adapted from that fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman, has surprisingly just been given an R.

How could both films merit the same rating? One is the fantasy film about a magical realm where a star falls from the sky in the guise of a beautiful woman, and the other has nudity, scenes of a sexual nature, and sexual violence in it. How could they possibly receive the same rating? Obviously there's more to both films than we realise.

According to /Film who saw Teeth at Sundance, there's no way Teeth could receive an R rating without quite a few cuts. Peter over there is speculating that perhaps the Weinstein Company went back on their word not to cut the film and did just that. For me it just reeks of another insane choice by the MPAA.



I couldnt help giggling still.

I didn't get a chance to see that one at Sundance so I won't know if anything's been cut. (no pun intended.... really!)




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