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The Fast and The Furious 4 gets scriptwriter

HondaS2000.jpgUpdate: 21/11/2007 The full plot is revealed for Fast and the Furious 4, and Jordana Brewster is also looking to return.

Update: 03/10/2007: Latest News: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are officially in talks for the fourth film and Justin Lin is confirmed as Director.

Update: 13/09/2007
With the Hollywood striking looming for Writers, Directors and Actors, the studios have released a document to the major talent agencies to start lining up talent for projects they want completed before the strike next year, and one of those projects is The Fast and the Furious 4, written in black and white with a Director attached! Read the story here.

Original Story: The Fast and The Furious looks like it's going to get another outing after all. There's been a lot of speculation but The Fast and The Furious 4 could well end up being a big budget film.

Chris Morgan wrote the third of the series, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, which was good fun if you're also a bit of a car fan. What is surprising though is the figure that it is quoted as having raised worldwide to date - US$158 million.

Yes that's the figure quoted by The Hollywood Reporter through Moviehole when they reveal that Morgan has been asked to write the fourth film in the series. So that's great news for Fast fans out there, there's going to be another film in the series, all going well with the script anyway.

Now I know there's been a big call on another Fast and The Furious 4 article to have Paul Walker and Vin Diesel back, but there's a lot of debate over just what type of cars they should have and where the racing should take place. Muscle or import? Diesel or Walker, or both? What should be in the fourth film, have your say.

Update: 28th August 2008
There's a rumour out that Universal are pushing the production of a sequel and this could well be taking place in Brazil and reuniting some of the old names. Bear in mind though, this story is hugely speculative at the moment. Read the full story here.



I say start off where #3 leaves off


with Diesel making a "special appearance" and team him up with Lucas Black. Yes, I have given this some thought because I've been daydreaming this possibility since I saw Tokyo Drift. Oh yes it sucks but I loved every crummy second of it.

Oh Marina, I'm with you on that one...it's certainly a guilty pleasure, well actually non-guilty!

i think that the new f and f movie should have paulwalker, vin diesel, and that other guy from 2fast 2 furious, it should taka place from the end of the first one when vin diesel leaves in the supra and it should be called the fast and the furios american muscle, and it should be that after vin left he opened up a shop in alabama making only muscle cars

I think that the f and f need to have closure on the first episode and have paul and vin and extras needed to finally put the big finifh on the series. Everyone wants to see vin and paul,maybe mia from the first and the character vince. The first started it all, let it finish the series and make its money and hit.

I think that the import scene because thats what every 1 goes for but the odd 1 or 2 muscle cars can apear if they do decide to bring the 4th part out. What happend 2 lucs black? because u can't just have paul walker back without tyrese?. I think it would just muddle every thing up and it won't make sence at all?.

i think it shud be with imports...mostly hondas and the racing definatly shud take place in ny or nj or maybe even in cali...

I think it should go to the "JDM" style. All the cars with body kits, neon lights, and the big wing in the back is over now. Almost everyone thats into imports are into the "JDM" style. I also think that the movie should be taken place in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut which the tri-state area. The racing is real hot there. The movie has gone to all major cites, LA, Miami, and Tokyo, i think NY should be next. IF the movies comes out with riced out cars, its gonna be wack i kno it.

they should have both actors esp. VIN, he basically made the movie wat it was.....

JDM in NYC 247 365. Stop making BS vids in other areas and come down to NYC where its at.

tokyo drift was a good film with a cool soundtrack but i reckon the fourth should bring back PAUL WALKER and Vin diesel together. It would make a shed load of cash and the fans would be real happy.

i agree bring both paul and vin back especially if its a big budget. This film could be awesome if they do it right. i kinda liked lucas black but dont need to see him again. Eva Mendez is cool also.its never the same with different actors. You only had to see everyones reaction when vin showed up at the end of drift.He probably smoked that kids ass anyway.

well what i i agree with some of them but there should be imports and muscle cars in the possibly 4th one...come on now...there a lot of ppl out there wanting american muscle in with import cars...especially with vin in it....it should like take place in tokyo and then in miami...or somewhere were they meet up....to like best of the best in every race event there is....iono thats like my opinion.....bring in vin, paul,tyrese,luda,lucus,bow wow,don omar...trust me it would be a the greatest fast and the furious yet!!!!!

vin diesel should go through the same things as lucas black should as in not knowing wut drifting is annd then learning, and i alsoo think that roman peirce should be in this as well , i dont think they should do a theme like tokyo drift though. there should b something calling all racers in the world and do some ultimate raceing thing, but all the charecters over all should come back into one super movie.

anyone think about also bringing roman pierce back too! unite all of them together. that would be beast!

i think obviously they have to bring back paul walker beacuse other wise they have 2 stories going on at the same time and i dont think they would leave off at 2 and then start a new story for no reason, the 4th is gonna be sweet because they all meet together and tie everything in and also upgrade things like the cars and the parts. what i also thought is weerd is he just left mia in the first one and then moved on to eva, just like that. so 4 has to tie everything in and we'll know how it works when we see the trailer

i think they should bring every main star and put all of them to race each other to see who rules all of f & f

wat dey shuld do iz have vin, paul and vince from the first one. paul goes to mexico wer vin iz and he gets beaten den dey shuld race wit a car dat paul has from his garage and vins NEW charger. den osama bin laden wantz to hold a tourny wit all the best drifters and osama is the best in the world and paul wins.

i think if this is goin to be the last f and f film it should be about 4 hours long and have all the main actors from all the films with both Muscle and import cars . it should also start with paul walker and tyrese opening their garage they said in the 2nd film

in the second one walker and tyrese say they open up a shop right so heres how it starts... it shows them opening the business in a flash back kinda way.... so they race n shit and diesel comes in and they work on muscle cars and race em something like that ....

Duh both should be in the movie, come on. I'm a girl and oke I like the cars but I watch the movies because of vin and paul. that's why I like the fast and the furious more than 2 fast 2 furious because there both in it !!!!!

This ho i think the next fast and the furious should take place. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Lucas Black, and Tyres should play in the 4th film. I also think that the film should have both import and muscle depending on what the racer have. The film should consist of police chases with the helicopters and the corvette police cars. Where ever The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift took place and ended at is where the next film should end up. It should start at the point where Lucas Black, and Vin Diesel had started racing. When they show up at the top of the parking structure that is where Vin Diesel will notice Paul Walker with Tyres. Vin Diesel will give Paul Walker the Friendly hand shack and hug then Paul Walker introduce Vin Diesel to Tyres. They go to lunch the next day and Paul Walker and Tyres tell their story about what happened back home and how they got the money to get there. Vin Diesel and Lucas Black decides to give both Paul Walker, and Tyres a tour around Tokyo and the races. Paul Walker and Tyres will have already had their cars there cars there in Tokyo which will be import. Paul walker and Vin Diesel will decide to race these guy who they are the best after the new DK(Lucas Black). Some How they get in trouble with the law and have to leave Tokyo and back to America.
Lucas Black decides to go with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Tyres so that he can surprise his mother. He decides to take his new girlfriend, and Bow Wow with him. While Lucas Black his girl friend and Bow Wow are staying at Lucas’s mom house. Vin Diesel and, Paul Walker decides to stay California, and Tyres goes to visit a relative(Parents, Sister or Brother) in Detroit.
While Lucas Black is relaxing at his mom house there is a nock at the door and is the police and Lucas black is arrested because of what happened the last time he was there. Tyres gets in trouble with law in Detroit and leaves. Paul Walker and Van Diesel are getting in bunch of trouble.

i think it should be like a cross country thing well the go and start in Cali and have to end up like somewhere by NJ or NY and i think both Vin diesel and Paul Walker should should be in it and have both Muscle and import cars in them and just do a big thing

ok...the 4th movie should be back in LA with both Vin Deisal and paul walker...with apperence by bow wow, black,and dominiqe's sister mia...also roman pearce...they should import cars and muscles cars but paul should drive a 2001 or newer chevy impala, vin should drive a buick, roman shoud drive a monte carlo, black with his newest car in the end of the 4th one and mia with the supra from the 1st one.thats what i think but no cops or if u want cuz it adds more action!!!!!!!!

I think paul walker and vin deisal should be in the fourth one couse think about it they made a big impact in the first one it was cool funny and a great movie. the onlything they haveint done is drag I think it should be called the fast and the furious new York Drag but thats just me so keep the movie's comeing k :.


I think they should have all four a actors in fast and the furious for too,but i think the cars that you should have diesel and black open a shop together in newyork then paul walker and tyrese team up with them and race the most meanest racers they've ever race using mucle cars and drifting cars and they battle it out to race across the world.

Think of it this way, I'd like to see all of the big ones in one big awesome movie... However, before a massive finale, shouldn't the series cover some missing plot, simply, there are yet unexplored avenues/possibilities in the Fast and the Furious movies.

Firstly, when Vin Diesel makes his appearance in Tokyo Drift, he mentions Han riding with him in the US and liking muscle. Also, Han made reference to Japan being his 'Mexico' like the cowboys in the westerns.

You could make a prequel which cover Han's experience/arrival and later departure from LA with Toretto's crew. In this movie, you could see small 'mini' plots with Brian O'Connor leaving Barstow and becoming a cop, Roman Pierce being caught with his illegal vehicles, and this could be the 'making' of Toretto's crew and him being quite simply 'the man', it could also provide some detail into how Toretto's crew and the Triads have become rivals. As well, it could shine a bit of light on Jessie and how he ended up under Vince's wing..

The Prequel could end with Han being in trouble with both the Law and the Chinese Triads forcing him out of LA/US back to Japan (remember Japs and Chinese have a bit of a rivalry here), Brian starts his job undercover and Roman Pierce gets released and placed under house arrest outside the derby at Barstow.

I agree with the suggestion that Brian and Roman should be in the crowd from when Tokyo Drift ends. Maybe to add some plot to the reason behind this, Te J is looking to source some stuff/drivers and maybe set up a branch in Tokyo, hence he asks Brian and Roman to scout...

I have no constructive material to add to this movie as such, but maybe Brian and Roman can catch the 'drifting' bug and introduce a 'niche' American Muscle market to metropolitan Tokyo. Perhaps they can do some drift meets in some other major city, maybe Osaka or Kyoto or something....

The two guys (Brian and Roman) succeed in opening a branch for Te J, but due to 'illegal' activities, involving all of them, Brian, Roman, Vince AND Sean. At the end of the movie, you see their rides being put into containers and them bording a plane back to the US, with Brian revealing to Vince, that Bilkins owes him a 'favour' and Brian tells Vince of the Verone saga... Basically saying that Brian can get both Vince and Sean off the hook, hence back to the US.

As for a final end to the saga, Toretto's crew link up with Te J's crew, alone with Sean and GF and they end up stirring the mud in NJ, NY and such parts of the North East USA. Maybe I'm delving a little into fantasy here, but there is potential for a good plot to finish it off.. Maybe being that part of the US, perhaps we can see some top end Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martin's, Audi's, BMW's, Merc's and Koenigsegg's.... Maybe you could throw is some British/Australian characters into the mix. Bringing alone old school Holden Torana's and Monaro's along with cutting edge VE SS's and Ford GT-HO Phase III's FPV F6 Typhoons and GT-P's. For the Brits, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth's, Nova GTI's and a host of Aston Martins...

I do think there must be a prequel to the first movie tho, there is too much potential between Roman's imprisonment, Jesse's story, Vince & Han's days back in LA, pre Brian O'Connor, and then Brian becoming a cop... Too much material to waste... Also, be a big waste to not see the Camaro and Hemi wrecked at the end of 2F2F, hopefully Brian ends up with his R34 back too!

A 'must have' car list:
Mazda RX-7 FD model.
Mazda RX-8.
Mazda6 MPS.
Toyota MR2.
Toyota Supra Mk IV.
Toyota Celica GT-4.
Toyota Aurion.
Toyota Soarer.
Toyota X100 Chaser.
Toyota AE86 Corolla Sprinter Trueno.
Nissan/Datsun 260Z.
Nissan 300ZX.
Nissan 350Z.
Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec Skyline.
Nissan S15/Sylvia.
Nissan Maxima.
Nissan Pulsar GTi-R.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX.
Mitsubishi 3000GT.
Mitsubishi FTO.
Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Mitsubishi Galant VR-4.
Subaru WRX Impreza STi.
Honda S2000.
Honda NSX.
Honda Civic Type R.
Honda Integra Type R.
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth.
Vauxhaul Lotus Carlton (pommie car).
Chrysler SR-8.
Chrysler 300C.
Shelby Cobra.
Shelby GT 500.
Ford Mustang (2005).
Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1971 & 1977).
Chevrolet/Yenko Camaro.
Dodge Viper GTS/RT-10.
Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T.
Dodge Charger.
Plymoth Hemi Cuda.
FPV F6 Typhoon.
VW Golf GTi.
VW Jetta.
Audi A4/A6.
Audi Quattro S1 (1991).
BMW M3 (E46).
BMW M5 (E36).

i think it should be fast & the furious dubaudi all euros no more rice i hhhhhate hhhhonda's.......blahhh

I could see the tri-state area as the setting for the fourth movie But Since at the end of Tokyo Drift,Vin Diesel's race song was Don Omar's conteo and there's been alot of talk about Vin Diesel and Don Omar that the next movie should be set in Puerto Rico.Puerto Rico has a hot racing seen.I agree that PAUL WALKER and Vin diesel should be back together and I agree with the suggestion that Brian and Roman should be in the crowd from when Tokyo Drift ends.

Ok everyone knows that diesel made the movie what it is and ofcourse he should be in the fourth. I think diesel should stay to muscle and paul should stay to import. It would be cool though if they had a mix up of all the actors from all three movies in it. And please keep tyrese out, especially bow wow. As long ass theres action, ass, fighting, drifting, and 10 second cars with a banging ass cast they got another mager box office hit. And me in appearing in the movie with my si wouldnt hurt ether. :)

I also think they should start off where #3 leaves off.
I think all of them (Vin,Paul,Tyrese,and Lucas Black) should be in the 4th one. With Bow Wow,Ludacris,and Don Omar making appearances. I do think they should include both muscle and import cars because there are alot of people out there that like both types. I also like the idea of Paul and Tyrese being in the crowd at the top of the garage when Lucas and Vin finish the race. I agree that they do need to cover some of the missing pieces to the story. Like what exactly happened with Dom/Mia/Vince/Lenny/and the other guy after Paul let Dom go?
We know what happened to Dom afterwards because they show him in Mexico but what about the others? I guess will just to wait and see what happens.

hmm i think paul and vin should be in part 4, i guess that that's why i liked part 1 because there both in it. i also think that tyreses (rome) should be back because i just like him and if vin comes back so does mia, i'd like to see brian and mia get back together , they looked cute together. we know some thins about the family of dominic but we know nothing of brians familiy. i'd like to hear someting of that. about cars i don't really know i'm a girl and i like the actors :) but i liked all the cars that were jused in the previous movies. i'd like to see ludacris as tej again i just love him. but paul and vin are a must for part 4 without them it just would't be right. hmm how they meet. well what if brian has a jonger brother or sister and the get kidnapped by carter verone ( because brian said to rome that verone would get out) so why not do something with that. so brian has to save his brother or sister but can't do that alone. so he calles tej and rome. the kidnapping is on the news and dom sees it and comes to miami or ny ( whaterver you want) and the have to race for his or her life. etc.

Vin Deisel def. needs to be in the fourth installment and pual walker wouldnt be so bad either. As far as cars go, i saw the list that mike left and are you kidding me, listen i took my girlfriend in a chrysler 300 stretch limo for her birthday and as cool as those cars are they belong more in another "friday" movie then fast and the furious, now im not saying a 300c with 425 horsepower isnt cool but its not what ppl wanna see in fast and the furious, they need to focus more on having a good hero car like a skyline, I was stoked to see the skyline in the 2nd movie but then they scrap in 15 minutes into the movie to be replaced by a evo, are you kidding me. Now before u start to think i dunno what im talking about.... I am a member of the philidelphia region of the SCCA, I autocross my 84 mark2 supra every summer, help build a Shelby csx dodge shadow that dominated every in my area including mustangs, vets, 350z's and yes every honda around, so i know what im talking about. There should be some newer mainstream vehicles like a viper maybe, def. a twin turbo Lingenfelter Corvette should be in the line up but no more mustangs, and seriously lets get back to the roots of drifting and get some AE86's and silva's and maybe a couple rx7's. Stop the insanity, no more volkswagons or neons, or eclipses, and can we kill this pethetic need for honda's unless you call Stephan Papadakis for one of his FWD honda monsters.

um i think it needs to have either european tuning races or more about muscle car races because i think we've seen enough japanese rice rockets. (3 movies of them!)

um i think it needs to have either european tuning races or more about muscle car races because i think we've seen enough japanese rice rockets. (3 movies of them!)

the fourth one should have vin diesel and paul walker and lucas black and tyrese..i got the frist scene too ..rome and brain have their own shop in the 4th one and who happens to come into the shop...terreto..hmm ..or mayb him and the kid from the 3rd one roll together in the fourth one who knows..but u gotta have paul and vin for sure..

i think you should get the DK from tokyo drift (the new one ) and vin disiel and paul walker !!!!!

LOL...I have watched all f&f films hundreds of times. The 4th one will have to start from tokyo drift's ending. Although i must say Paul walker was absolutely brilliant, i think that it will have to be lucas black and vin diesel for this one. I just cant wait for it as tokyo drift was IMMENSE !. Bring on the import tuners

honestly all films are great and what charaters should be there should be vin diesel, paul walker, tyrese as well and also it should be american vs imports and just to put out more ideas stick a couple of european and exotic cars in there as well... lol just a thought but hey the person who made these movies what they are today can make it work. im just throwing out ideas for the makers thanks yall for making the racing scene stay alive

I really don't like Tyrese for some reason. You can't have all the people in it, Tyreses character is basically Vin's rehashed and Bow Wow is Luda esencially. I think it should start of with Lucas and Vin in Tokyo and Vin has over taken the scene as the new DK. He races someone in Tokyo and he's Chinese Triad but Vin doesn't know. After Vin wins he demands his money but the guy pulls a gun, vin knocks the guy out and now the Triad wants 1,000,000 or Vin's life. A Germany investor comes to Tokyo to offer Vin and his crew to race in an underground race on the autobon for 5 million. Vin says we're gonna need a crew to win this. Lucas ask him what are we gonna do. Vin says I know a guy and thats how Paul comes back. Have some newer guys come in too, have Twink help them out too. But don't bring Tyrese or Luda or anything really tied to the second movie cause it sucked. I think that they should get in some trouble in Germany too before the race that causes the cops to be on the lookout

The movie could also be done in Mexico or Russia instead of Germany with Vin saying he already knew about the 5 mil race from when he was hidding out down there


yo i think u should put both vin diesal and keep it in tokyo start were yall left off with the new dk racin vin diesal then when they finish vin diesal thaght he seen paul walker so he follows the car he got into when the car stops he finds paul walker meetin up with tyrese at the new dks garage (hans old garage) vin hears paul and tyrese offer a challenge to him but he does not have a partner an then vin jumps in n says he will be lucas blacks partner thats the perfect beginin bring in ludacris and bow wow

I think that you should start off where tokyo drift left off but you should have a drifting race with vin deasel and lucas black but than paul walker pulls up and joins in a shelby cobra and vin deasel is in a plyomith baricoda and lucas black in the same mustang he was in during the last race in tokyo drift

I think the fourth F&F film should have Vin, Paul and Black for sure,not to mention all of thier girls from all three movies. Start off where Dom and Sean race, and paul is in the crowd, previously mentioned and just go from there.

i would love to see a 4th f and f. HOWEVER, they need to get real with this last one. it was the sickest thing i ever saw for them to put a damn rice motor in some awesome detroit muscle. they need only to finish out the series by having walker , diesel, and black as stars. maybe a little back story on what happened to mia, vince, romo and some of the other characters from the previos 3. i do think that luda should return to set up all the races they may have. their needs to be a good mixture of cars like in 2fast. the ending of tokyo drift suggest this. vins plymouth is the hottest car ive seen in a long time. the idea of people saying it should be only imports is laughable. these movies never had a lot of hondas running around. this is what made the movies so awesome.
if i wanted to watch 50 honda civics that look all the same, id go the locals hang out on any friday night in my home town. i want to see the cars that all these little wannabe hot shots in my town only wish they had. i was at a car show recently and saw the greatest bumper sticker of all time. and ill leave you with that as i say i cant wait for f and f 4! im shure it will be awesome.

"hondas are like tampons, every pu**y has one!"

The fourth movie should take place first in America showing Vin going to Japan. Then both the main man in part 3 should hook up with Vin, who you could say is his "Master" and leave to face some European rides; BMW, Audi, VW, however the imports from the east like Honda, Acura, Mushi, Mazda (asian) should still be in the spotlight. Picture racing / drifting through the tight European streets, up / down hills hills, through tunnals and the hot European girls in crazy parties. The rival in the movie should be some be some kind mafia that gets cars by racing or theift. Anywho ......

i think that the fourth one should leave off after number two with verone behind bars and tyreseand walker opening a shop with the money they stole in number two. then having vin come to the shop and thats how he'll get introduced back in the film and verone making it out of jail somehow.

or they could have it based off of the third installment where they(vin and black) and are in the race and in the crowd you see walker and tyrese. after words they meet up. thats just a thought

put a rs sapphire cosworth in the new fast and the furious 4. with paul walker and vin diesel

i think u guys should start off were f and f 3 left off and put paul walker in it also and tyrese gibson too. as long as i see paul im cool. he;s the shit

i think that fnf4 shud strt where tokyo drift left off but after the race starts the lights go out and both cars stop and when the light cum bak on paul walker and tyrese gibson are standing there but in this film a wont paul to have a blue subaru impreza wrx sti with gold 20'rims on it and kited up to the max with body and motor upgrades and tyrese to hav a evo a bit lyk the 1 lucas had but with more on tyreses style to it also during the film the once called D.K comes back demanding to be drift king once and but paul is having non ov it and challages d.k to a drift race on suacide mountan and now D.K is driving a converted mitsubishi eclipse and then its a 4 way drift race down the mountan . thats wot i think fnf4 shud be :D

put a speed 12 TVR in it, with 1000,bhp.

What Chris Morgan need to do is sit down with some other script writers to determine a good plot. It has to have vin diesel and paul walker in it. But in my opinion, it should not have vin diesel as the main character b/c if you recall from the first fast and the furious paul walker was the main character, not saying that paul walker should be the main character either. Remove lucas black for money reasons and b/c i don't like his accent. I'm from alabama and we don't sound like that. I can/t stress how good the plot has to be. If the story and the driving scenes are good the tuner scene will probably revive or something. Oh, did I mention it need to be over 2 hrs long.

i say just let the director do whatever he wants but continue from where the movie was left off in tokyo drift with the same type of cars

it should be with all the good guys and bad guys in the last 3 movies the bad guys gang up with each other and try to take down the good guys in the last 3 movies. and they race in the usa and tokyo puting together drifting and drags and highway racings. the movies should have both muscle and imports

i say bring back vin,paul and lucas. have both muscle and import cars and also bring back the other main cast members from all three.
2.BRIAN,ROMAN and the gang from the garage.
have a combination of all the cars from all 3 just have this years versions

I personally think that Vin Diesel should play in the forth movie! Muscle cars for sure! I hope it gets produced fast!!! LOL

I think the movie should have muscle, import, european cars. Chris Morgan should shox the difference between the three. Let vin tell the difference between the three

F and the F Ny-Li, Nj,Ct, Highway dipin and rallying exit to exit that would be a huge hit. I think Vin and Paul should deff come back into the picture, Im not gonan go into detail now but they should deff bring it to NYC!

it should have all the cars muscle import and fast luxury cars with all the origanal cast members from the 1 2 and a few from the third.

Between this and the other Fast and the Furious discussion I'm just blown away by the response of the series fans. Keep the ideas coming and I'll see if we can't get them noticed by someone over at the studio.

The ff4 movie should take place in Mexico b/c I see alot of mexicans who are in the import scene and you can add muscle cars in Mexico. Han can be shown in mexico hanging with vin diesel kind of in a flash back kind of way. But no american muscle in Tokyo though. I can't believe vin diesel was trying to drift in that old skool car. I know lucas black going to win b/c vin diesel's car was not design to drift. Vin diesel gives lucas black the credit as being the drift king and then comes flashback..... A couple years earlier.

Ok good plot here. Vin diesel in Mexico and has to get back to the states without getting caught by the US customs. The cops find him and illegal imigrants trying to get to the US to race for money, cause everybody knows that US money has better currency than Mexico. It's realistic and believable. Somebody beat that. Add tokyo in there some way, and you got a hit.

Have Vin and Paul, they were the best. Get some muscle, too. The first was the best, why not end it like that also?

I loved the first two Fast and the furious movies.
If there is a 4th Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and every one from the first one that would be the best Fast and the Furious yet. It would be cool to find out what happened to the orginal cast. The last one was a joke because Paul Walker wasn't in it. You guys shopuld only make a fourth if you have those people

I know exactly why they should have muscle cars in ff4. They are rwd drive cars. Everbody know to do a real drift it has to be. The producer should show new led tail lights on cars b/c euro have lost popularity and leds just look better at night n e ways.

Ok I thought of one sick idea. What if Chris Morgan start off at the end of fast and the furious 1 where Vin gets the supra and heads to mexico does his little buisness, racing and stuff, and eventually it leads him up to the race against lucas black in tokyo drift, paul walker and tyrese are at the top in the midst of the crowd. They are fugitives back at the US b/c of their shop or whatever ,jus like Vin. They decide go to tokyo b/c they are going to get the life sentence. But don't let tyrese and paul got talking about why exactly they came to tokyo. I would also like to see it in New York city too. This movie has to be long and no boring moments. There is alot of ground to cover in little time

They should just bring them all back and call it four fast more furious Paul Diesel Tyrese and Lucas Black. They should be in NYC and it should start off where 3 left off but will the Justin timberlake of Japan out for revenge. Diesel and Black hit it off and go to NYC where walker and tyrese have a shop and they meet up again and its the four of them vs. timberlake and his guys something like that

muscles cars kick those stupid ricers asses! i cannot stand all those little gangsters that think they are all that and a bag of chips! americna muscle all the way definately!

This movie can be the best fast and the furious yet. Chris Morgan dont let us down. Show us speed and drifting like a mad man. U want to make money make it a revival between all cars and keep it worldwide

I Think FF4 should lead off where 3 ended. I'm thinking that Vin gets in deep with some guys in Europe so he goes to Tokyo to recuit his old boy Han but finds Black instead. So he races Black and totally schools him. So instead he picks up Black but they agree that they still need help so Vin thinks of Walker.So Vin and Black go back to the States to find Walker/Tyrese running a garage with the stolen $$ from FF2. So they join up and Walker sees Mia again and they head for Europe.But a awsome twist would be if DK and that asian dude from FF1 were related and are the ones Vin's in deep with. Now while they're in Europe Verone gets out of prison and goes hunting Walker and Tyrese. Personally I think there should be a mix of muscle and import but some real cool muscle.But man one opion that i must put on the table but i don't agree with is Bilkins needs Walkers help yet again to get this coilition of vilains but is wary of trusting Vin.And throughout this whole thing Black learns that home and Tokyo were just warm up.

I Think FF4 should lead off where 3 ended. I'm thinking that Vin gets in deep with some guys in Europe so he goes to Tokyo to recuit his old boy Han but finds Black instead. So he races Black and totally schools him. So instead he picks up Black but they agree that they still need help so Vin thinks of Walker.So Vin and Black go back to the States to find Walker/Tyrese running a garage with the stolen $$ from FF2. So they join up and Walker sees Mia again and they head for Europe.But a awsome twist would be if DK and that asian dude from FF1 were related and are the ones Vin's in deep with. Now while they're in Europe Verone gets out of prison and goes hunting Walker and Tyrese. Personally I think there should be a mix of muscle and import but some real cool muscle.But man one opion that i must put on the table but i don't agree with is Bilkins needs Walkers help yet again to get this coilition of vilains but is wary of trusting Vin.And throughout this whole thing Black learns that home and Tokyo were just warm up.

i think you should take a car which you had taken in one of the other parts
i hink best is the
NISSAN SKYLINE GTR34 abd paul walker as driver
like he got it back after helped the FBI

this is wat i think bring back the major character from previous and lil characters that make the movie interresting(bow wow and stuff.) It shuld b placed around the Latin america like puerto rico/dr/cuba things like that and have don omar or/ calle 13 or/daddy yankee and yeah itll b sick with having flash backs or wat happens on how they all get 2 puerto Rico

if FF4 should be made i think it should be more like the first 2 then the third one about street racing with a mixture of cars but should def have muscle ( some 79 firebirds )

The 4th part of F and F should have muscle cars cuz the last three were rice burners,they should have the the new camaro that would kick ass they should put a couple of imports but mostly muscle.

2fast 2furious was not good b/c it lack realism. It started off good but was gay was when the cops gave brian and tyrese bugged and already modified cars. I think the rapper for ff4 should be daddy yankee or the dude who be talking about exotic cars ballin

i think that vin, paul, tyrese, lucas , bowwow , mia from the 1st one and lucases girlfriend in the 3rd and johnny tran teaming up with lucases enemy ( so called dk till he got beat guy ) to be rival teams havin jin as their mechanic they whip up something new on the streets . Classy cars for racing g35 350z's , tsx type s , mercedes , bmw m3's, lambos, porche , ferarri , all that good stuff needs a stroyline tooo it also something catchy rather then just racing that way u can call it a action / racers movie

i think that the forth should have both paul walker and vin diesal but i think this time they should set it in england explaining what happened to terreto after the first one

They cant have everbody back. This movie going to cost alot of money. The more I see the movie in my head I see competition between the four.

I think the fourth fast and the furious should have all four stars come together back in the U.S. and start their own underground racing series. It would be great to see both muscles and import up against each other in different types of street races(drift, drag, sprints, or whatever). Maybe it could be called "The Fast and The Furious: Underground"

I believe the next fast and the furious should leave off where the last scene after the credits roll through in f & f 1, and show vin diesil in baja mexico. I think the movie should follow up on the first movie and lead to the third bringing in how "Han" and "Dom" meet as discussed in Tokyo Drift. I do not think number 2 should tie into this movie in anyway because it to me is the bastard child of the bunch and should have never been made.

I believe that most scenes have already been covered, I say something european to throw this off a bit. Bring in some imports like toyota, mitsub, and subaru, but mostly very fast european cars like porsches, bmw, mercedes, audis, and maybe lambos and ferraris, but don't want the cars to be too close to Redline.
Any type of actors that would work in this type of situation would be acceptable in my mind
Any suggestions?

I think that you need shawn, Brian, Roman, and Dominic back in the fourth episode and have a mixture of both import and americn mucle and exotic cars. Brian should be driving another skyline. Shawn should be driving a Doge Viper. Roman should be driving a 1967 Shelby GT 500. Dominic should be driving a 1967 Comaro SS.

FF4 should show people all around the world racing. Think about it. If they are going to bring back muscle, they need to bring in european cars. No exotic. Only average cars made to look exotic. Remeber in the first fast and the furious all the different races stayed with their own like black, white, asians, and mexicans. how about having the muscle group, jap group, european group, and so on. This movie should include all ethic backgounds all looking for the same thing, the ultimate adreanline rush. Im talking about sport bikes, sport trucks, sport cars, all reunite for one thing the race. 2fast 2furious was trying to do this but the movie failed horribly. but chris morgan can do it again and show everyone how to do it right. Fast and the Furious Forever.....................

Ok this new movie going to need a good sound track. Tokyo Drift had japs rapping on it lol. It was kool except for i did not know what they were saying.

i think it should pick up after 3, vin included in the cast, and the plot should be about forming a drift team and battling other teams across japan. sorta like the fourth stage of initial d. that would be a great movie.

I think it needs old school Turbo Charged Dodge Charger that Deisel was driving in part 1 and the orange n black RX-7 that was wrecked! Sean Boswell aka Lucas Black should drive it as dedicated to memory of Han. and Should be set in Tokyo. Tyrese should drive the orange Charger and his Eclispe Spyder. D.K. should return for payback. What should he drive maybe a black Ford GT-90. I am more a muscle car guy myself but I also like imports as well. One more thing the beat up Monte Carlo in my opinion didn`t get enough screen time. It should also appear somewere in 4. Other cars I think should be back. The nissan mustang,the supra from the 1st movie,and the nissan skyline.

i think somehow, they should have it where Johnny Tran was related to D.K in Tokyo Drift..... D.K. finds out that the man that killed his brother is in town... he goes after Dom and Sean, and they both make an escape, and head back to america..... they need a place to lay low for a while, and Dom mentions he knows someone who owns a garage....... enter Brian and Rome..... how everything plays out after that, is up in the air.... but i would like to see Dom and Sean stick to their muscle cars, and Brian and Rome use their tuners......

... this movie definatly needs some Subarus, and the new Evo-X

-it would be nice to see this movie set in a city like New York.... or possibly have it go back to L.A.... but we'll see..... i just hope it doesn't go direct to video like the rumor mill is saying.

Damn, there are some ignorant people on this site... who don't know jack about american muscle cars... anyway, as a lot of other people said, should finish the race in the 3rd, Vin wins because of seans arrogance he crashes or something, brian and tyrese have found hans garage and the team characters team up, verone gets out of jail, tracks down paul and tyrese somehow and jonny tran is back for revenge for paul, and DK comes back after getting a new car and obviously Vin is going to have american cars, sean goes back to american cars, while brian and tyrese grow towards something european and the bad guys get asian/korean cars... and it should be a mix of street racing, drag racing and drifting races in the movie (since thats what was shown in the other movies) and some people die or crash, etc... and go from there.

I like the idea of having all 4 of the characters in the 4th, that would give it some closure and keep it in one storyline. As for Cars I love the ricers and thats one thing you think about when you think of the fast and the furious but maybe bring in some italians like Ferrari, Lamborghini, ect... and of course keep the Skyline, everybody loves the skyline.

ithink the story should continue where td left off but i think the story should be more action with vin
& lucas calling paul & tyrese for help when the yakuza start chasing vin & lucas after johnny tran's
brother shows up requesting help from takeshi the dk
for revenge against the guy who killed johnny tran and his cousin who were members of the yakuza as well and dk wanting revenge for his loss against lucas in td but it should have more action to finish off with a super race against tran's brother
takeshi and members of the yakuza all in the fastst tuners and muscle cars around

they sould give Diesel a RX-7 and Walker a 350Z

I think the fourth movie should start of where the third ended, but should be a little of the first two in it too. Vin Diesel (Dom) teams up with Lucas Black (Sean). And along the way they cross Paul Walker (Brian) and Tyrese Gibson (Rome). Two sides battle to gain trust back. Vin and Paul you need to heat up the movie, lucas as the youngster coming up and tyrese for some funny agression like in 2fast2furious. For a final of a series of movie in this kind you need to bring all the caracters back together in one movie or start talking about a fifth to bring them together otherwise you never get a good closher. Only then you can start talking about going further on that or make a new "the fast and the furious" with other story's and caracters. When you can bring all of these great actors together who already what there caracters are about you are guaranteed to have a hit. And ofcourse when making a race movie you should have import aswel as muscle cars in it. The Cars where good in all the movies just give it a mix of all 3.
But hey, this is just my opinion. These are movies i can keep watching over and over.But hey, this is just my opinion. These are movies i can keep watching over and over.

Daymit the next F n F better have a daym STI in it. there have been 3 movies but no STI. the last one had an Evo, yes an Evo, drifting and they can't put in the Legendary Subaru?
part 4 should be up here in the tri-state especially NJ and NY. i don't care who's in it just give me a subaru hittin corners in times square or in downtown Newark, NJ and i will be happy.

I think that it should have all of them In it, but that's just me, Walker and Diesel again I think that would be a great way to end the series or something like that or maybe have all 3 of tehm meet but then again that's just me..

Luda should be back

hey all i have to say is if vin desial & paul walker ain't in f&f4 then t should NOT be mad as number was the best by far so its got be vin & paul or forget number 4

Both, Van Diesel and Paul Walker.

I think they should just as every one else sujests to bring back paul walker and vin desiel, also get every one from series 1 that lived and series 2 and series 3 and make up a new "team" maybe even base it in the UK in a city thats never relly been filmed that much like Newcastle upon tyne or Wolverhampton even thou i think it would be great basing it in NYC doing a drive round manhatton island and round by ground zero would put an amazing edge to it...

ok first of all... whoever that guy is who had the list of cars... the fact that you even mentioned a honda that isn't a s2000 is discaceful... yes honda civic have there place... they take old poeple to doctors apointments and back... but thats not what im here to talk about...

ok, so a muscle f&f movie... not feeling it

there has already been a movie based on drag racing, that was the first one, and part of the second one.. yes i know its not the same cuz they are different cars, but how bout this... and this is soooooo sick..

"Fast and tha Furious: Gumball Rally"

fuck ya man!!! or somehting along those lines... drifting should deff play a major part in the next movie, but so should a variety of cars; exotic, muscle, import, even motor cycles could find their place.

break down for the plot would be this,,,

the race at the end of 3, thats a challenge from vin D. once lucas black wins or at least shows desiel how drifters do, vin extends an offer to compete in a secret race accross europe (based off the gummball rally) from there no idea but that would be some tight shit

btw... revised list of cars...

another rx7 fortune creation
bugatti veyron
K1 attack
that new mustang (780hp one)
G35 drift setup
s15 silvia drift setup
ext fun..

not on the list..
honda civic of any kind.(perriod)
mitsubishi eclips of any kind year or modefication
i think the lancer evo should take a break, i'm tired of seeing them
and anything else that you can be baught or put together for under 50k

"F and the F Ny-Li, Nj,Ct, Highway dipin and rallying exit to exit that would be a huge hit. I think Vin and Paul should deff come back into the picture, Im not gonan go into detail now but they should deff bring it to NYC!" who ever said this, i give them soo much respect. i was thinking of the same. have new english town as one of the LEGAL raceways, n have bigtime races on the highways. One car that should be in it should def. be a volkswagen, like the r32 mkv, or even a 2.0t gti. n i also think the whole sticker on the car, should be stoped!!!

Ok look, you need to think about this logically. In the first movie, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel split. In the second one, it continues the first one on Paul's behalf(in other words, it tells where HE went and what he did and so on and so forth). The Third one was just kind of out there. But if you paid attention at the end of the third one you see that Vin re-appears, and he says the muscle car was won from Han. Lucas says "I didn't know he was into muscle cars." And Vin replies, "He was when he was rollin with me." So im figuring if the second portrays Paul Walkers life after the fist movie, the fourth will portray Vin's (where he ran, why, what he did, ect.)

I think there should be a tokyo drift 2 because tokyo drift rocked!! In the movie Lucas Black and Vin Diesel should team up and defeat teritories, while Lucas and Vin get to know eachothers past. And in the end Paul Walker should be runnin' from the cops

i think if there is a ff4 it should pick up with the ending of the 2nd and 3rd together with dom and the main character from toyko drift heading back to the US and find bryan and the other main character from the 2nd movie back in florida (ending of the 2nd one leaving off with the 2main characters leaving with out empty pockets, hence having their own garage) and starting up a whole new storyline with drifting and highway racing involved and the return of mia in bryans life,


4th one is basicly all dom and what he does after the 1st movie and you find out how dom and han met and everything that the 3rd left off on

i think every one from all past f&f should been in 4

you should use both vin diesel and paul walker plus lucus black because it makes alot of sense of have them all in it, and the movie should take place in new york and the cars should be exotic and muscle and tuner, the title should be fast and furious a racers end..

If there is a fast and the furious 4, Paul Walker and Tyrese should be in it and continue there journey in Miami cause in the 2 one, they wanted to open a garage together so I think thats what should be in the movie. So in the 4th, Carter Verone's family members should try to avenge carter by pretending to be a street racer to get to know Brian and Roman to take over all there territory and kill them. I think Brian and Roman should rebuild the challenger and the yenko and race them.

Bring them both back!!

Paul and Vin work great together,but i also agree that they should bring back everyone who was involved in the previous films.

Who am i kidding?..lol the most important person to bring back is Mr Vin Diesel!! ;)

Ha, The Fast and the Furious 4! I'm dying to watch it! How about O'Connor, Diesel, Roman Pearce and Sean Bowell all together racing in it? Verone came out of cell and recruiting racers and compete with the best damn 4 guys... how abt that? It'll be fucking exciting!

i think fast and the furious 4 should have tyreese and paul in it but they run into problems an meet up with vin diesal along da line. they then have their own unique car tier and they race to clear their names of their problems. only once they race the best driver from each of the gangs that threaten them will thaeir names be cleared but do they win or not? if they do then they have finished but if they do not they may have to make a hsaty retreat to another country. maybe its verone whos caused this, maybe its the family.

I think Don Omar is going to be in it.B/c a year ago vin diesel said he was playing in ff4 and he asked don omar. The script is probably already written. It mostly likely invovles alot of drifting b/c that was the main thing I think made vin diesel came back. FF3 was the best of the three bc of the realism of the car scenes. Vin diesel couldnt help but to come back.What vin diesel doesnt realize b/c of him the import scene got so big. He made car manafacturers to change they complete lineup to make sport compact based cars.

i think that vin disel,paul walker and nathalie keley should appear in the 4th fast and the furious film disel and walker are are legends and welll....
keley is quality!!!!i say we should stick to the imports.

Bring Brian back

just watched the 3 movies again and they r awesome, a new story line for these movies is endless and have all the main players in it vin, paul, lucas,DK,tyrese, storyline brian and Roman r on the run from the madman whos sworn revenge and for putting him in jail he was olny in there for 72 hours so the boyz have had no rests they r living race to race when they entered a race that would c them in japan where they would cross paths with vin and sean who have become close like bothers who have there own problems the streets off japan have changed there r massive crews who rule there tuffs with iron fists and special elelit police forces who hunt out these crews. The streets are a dangerous place full of events, drag,drift,circuit,sprints and if they are going to survive this they will need to take there skills and bring them together. i have an awesome story so if anyone is keen to make a movie email me detpwr@hotmail.com

I believe that Fast and the Furious should be the final movie starring Vin Deisel, Paul Walker, Tyrese, and Lucas Black. It should take off where the 3rd movie left off but be more like the 1st movie. Probably bring back some of Vin Deisel's crew from the 1st movie. Might want to locate it in America though, don't see how your gonna get Tyrese's character to Japan, more believeable in America. Not sure what the movie should be about but that is how I beleive it should be.

What i think is for all you f & f fans they should put both paul and vin in the movie and have both muscle and import i think it would make it interesting and a better movie kinda like in #2 but a different story plot and more of a drag racing kind of movie or maybee have a combination of drag and drift so everyone is happy.I hope #4 is a good movie and they dont make it stupid so nobody goes and sees it.Cause if it doesnt have at least vin and paul together i dont think it will be a hit.

hi i think that we need to see all the good charactors such as brian tyresse vin lucas ludacris and suki she was hot and gave women i interest in fast cars i dont know what kind of story could come from this but with all of them it would be hard to go wrong. i think we need a mixture of both muscle and import because not every1 likes just one type but me i like both i also think lots of women wearing very little need to appear regularly and a combo of drift and drag plz just to mix things up plus we want fights between drivers and some explosions maybe get some pimped old cars such as the austin mini and vw beetle and the morris minor but with hugh airintake stuck out the bonnets in a hotrod syle plus we want to see rare cars such as the lancia delta and other rally cars such as the evo and impreza. thanx for reading

yeh u should keep it off at #3 add diesal in it that would be sweet paul walker can come in quarter of the way in

well i'm from the netherlands and i must say put walker and diesel in the 4th with importcars
and maybe it's a idea why don't you let it be in the netherlands
well give it your own touch because i will like it anyway i love all 3 and i will see the 4th if it comes !

This movie need some realism. I think vin diesel should die in this one so that if they do make fast and the furious 5 they dont have to worry about bringing him back. If he is dead somebody else can take his place, which will make the movie fresh from now on. It will be sad to see him go, but guess what, that's realism. People die everyday, and it will show people that you can be the best now. Han died now its diesel turn.

i think they should get all the great characters all in one. have the three top guys. also, i would like to see some indurance races. have them race around the world or somthing like that. as far as tuners and muscle, dont mind, they are both great. maybe go with some super fast cars like mercades and vipers and the real expensive stuff. any way it goes, im looking forward to it

I miss the old days where everybody use to customize their rides to the limit. Ok everbody we need to bring these trends back. This is what made fast and the furious what it was. Callin' out all around the world, time to bring fast and the furious back for real. It's time to bring back the neon and time to start bringing back the BASS!!!! That what this industry was founded on. Next generation racing begins with us. Our predecessors are grown and have left us to fufill our rightful place. We are the new generation of young folks. Its time to up the game to a whole new level. So I repeat, are you with me!

well, im thinkin like the guy way near the top, there should be some kind of giant race across the country where every character comes back (sort of like the gumball 3000 that happens in real life) it would bring back vin, paul, tyrese, luda, lucus, bow wow, everyone! and while they are racing across the country with all the other people, some crap happens and they get in trouble and have to bail themselves out ect.. .ect...

Ok... Fast And The Furious 4, Should Restart In MIAMI... The 305... Paul Walker And Tyrese Gibson, And Ludacris Have A Big Shop Together... Because "Pocket Aint Empty Cuz"... And Then Vin Diesel And Lucas Black Come To Miami, For A MIAMI RACE WARS... Now, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, And Ludacris Are At The Race Wars To Promote Their Auto Shop, OF COURSE WITH SUKI!!! Now, Vin Diesel Notices Paul Walker, He Approaches Him Without Paul Noticing, And Says "You Still Owe Me A 10 Second Car"... From There On Out They Continue On A Winding Road That Takes Them From Running From The Police Officers Of Miami, To Becoming First In The Racing Circuit... And To Finally Lucas Black Becoming Miami DK... Of Course I Have Other Ideas In My Head But Id Rather Keep Them To Myself Because Well... I Dont Want To See All Of A Sudden My Ideas On The Big Screen And Me With Nothing To Show For It...

This movie should start in Mexico with vin diesel and don omar in mexico doing the regular drag style racing with muscle and imports. Vin diesel eithers gets in trouble in mexico or leaves for some other type of reason and heads to asia and that is where he learns about drifting. He drifts around asia and heads to tokyo next. He races Sean and beats him. He suggests to Sean to head with him back to america to introduce drifting back to the states. They bring a team back to the states to races people back in the US where they head for Paul Walker and Tyrese in Miami, and they never seen drift racing before, something new for the states. Make this movie about making money and lots of it racing, better than stealing vcrs and crap like in the first fast and the furious.

I think the fourth movie should show either about how Vin Deisil knows Han or what Paul Walker and Tyrese ended up doing. Then I think there should be a Fifth and maybe even sixth. The last one having all of the characters and a bunch of cars.

I think the new movie should have walker, diesel and sean from tokyo drift. bring the movie back to the U.S. and call it fast and the furious the run of the muscle cars.

Here's my idea please read it all... :

I think the 4th movie should be about what happened to Dom, Brian AND Tyrese between FF1 and FF3.

Like the movie starts up with Dom in mexico, and he still races with the Supra he got from Brian at the end of 1st, It is in Mexico he meets up with Han and he introduces Han to American Muscle.

The movie shift until about a year later and Brian and Tyrese just got their shop together. They run the shop at day and race all night long. Unfortunatly for them, Mr. Verone has just gotten out of prison and is after them for the money that he knows that they stole!

Verone has hired a lot of thugs and the smash up the entire store and it blows up(due to all the nitrous - reference to FF1). Verone gives Brian a week to come up with the cash, after wounding Pierce's leg so that he can't drive.

Brian fishes out a phone number and calls someone(we know that it is Dom but he doesn't say anything except that he's in deep, and that he isn't a cop anymore). After Brian hangs up he rushes out and says that they need to arrange a racing tournament. So they drive over to their hiding spot where they have hidden away some nos tanks and motor parts.

The next night a lot of souped-up cars are gathered on the racing strip and Brian announces the rules. They go one on one until there is one winner left. Entries are 5000$ and the winner in the end takes it all.

Brian and Tyrese discuss the tactics later with a man standing in the shadows(which we don't see) until he steps out of the shadow and it is Dom. Dom explains he was sick of sitting in the sand in mexico anyways and he intends to help Brian and the wounded Tyrese to raise the money to pay of Verone. He feels like he owes it to Brian to help him.

Dom climps into his car which is the same car he drives in the cameo in the end of FF3. Tyrese asks Brian: "Is he any good?". Brian replies "He's the best.".
Dom race off to the starting line of the first drag race and pays the "flag"-man the entrance fee. Brian goes over to wish him good luck, Dom says that he brought something that was originally Brians. He points to his Semi truck(with cars on it) and Brian sees the Toyota Supra which is now a whole different car. Dom gives him the keys before being flagged to start, he races off and the opponent doesn't have a chance. Brians race is also about to start so he takes the Supra from the the truck and races up to another start line with a different opponent. He pays the fee and starts the Supra. When the race starts the car shoots away like a bullet and Brian is left grinning. Dom had perfected the engine of the supra.

After the some racing the tournament comes to a tie between Brian and Dom. They decide to race each other seeing how both of them have progressed alot since the last time they raced.
They look at each other and the flag comes down. They blast off into the sunset(having raced all night). We don't get to see who's the winner until they drive back. We learn that Brian won all the money(although it won't have mattered anyways since Dom promised the money to Brian, it was just a show of force).

After the race they drive up to Verone and pays him back the money they took from him. Before they get to go he pulls a gun at them(Did you think it was going to be that easy?), luckily Dom is also armed and pulls out his gun really fast and shoots Verone(who is alone at the time), our heroes runs off to their cars while Verones bodyguards chases them.
Brian, Dom and Tyrese race off onto the freeway with Verone's guys in two Lamborghini Muercilagos after them.
They drive don't the freeway like in FF2 while braking and trying to make the Lambos crash to lose them. Eventually the two Lambos crash and our guys drive off. They stop and talk at a beach near the sea. Brian gets a phonecall from the wounded Verone saying that he "will never forget their face and he WILL find them!".

Now Dom is also involved with Verone, and he thinks they should figure out a way to get rid of the bastard. Brian says that he has a great plan, but they are going to need more drivers. Dom says that he knows just the perfect man. Brian asks: "Who?". "Just this guy I met in Mexico, a real god racer.. Problem is he doesn't live here anymore" Dom answers.

The movie ends with our three heroes standing on a escalator on an airport, Tyrese asks: "They got real food in japan, right?".

---------------------------MOVIE END------

This was my idea for a movie, and the ending is suitable if they should make a 5th movie too :)

Ok Hans F, your story was good but lack one key element, drifting. The only reason diesel came back b/c he wanted to drift. This movie would be so tight if they bring the director of the first fast and the furious back. Bring the camera guys back from ff3 for them good shots again. Get a good soundtrack. And make something catchy phrase in this new movie, instead of a ten second car, you know something to keep it fresh. It needs to be like underground racing. Fast and the furious 2 was more like a big fun, chillin, hanging out kind of movie, nothing seemed underground, but tokyo was.

I think your story was pretty bad ass and you put a lot of though into it.. but you didnt really put much of it into the end of ff3.... even though ur movie outline was really good we would still be stuck with the same ending as 3 we wouldnt really get ne where.. it would just fill in the blanks.. on the other hand it would fill in the blanks and leave and good opening for a 5th movie...... of subject/////// does ne one know if they have actually started to shoot fast and the furious 4??? or have plans about it????

(just my opinion)

My idea was to kind of set the mood for the fifth movie, of course, my idea is useless unless there will be a fifth.

I just thought it would be nice to have a movie to fill in the blanks from the previous movies... :)

Of course the racing in FF4 needs to be underground, I was thinking of a large underground tournament down in an abandoned sewer channel or something. Perhaps even with drifting :)

I think that both Vin and Paul should star in it it would be like the first one with Vin returing back from i think Miami it would be like the new beginnig!!!!!!:)

I Think that vin diesel gets put in a dylema when paul gets caught by bad guys, and calls for vin diesl, but they need a nother driver which could be lucas black, so all 3 have to complete a series of races to free brian........and some where along the line vin's old crew come back from no 1.............!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that the new movie should have both Paul and Vin in it. And maybe even the rest of Dom's team as well. I want to find out what would happen if Brian ever ran into Dom again or even went looking for him.

I think paul walker, vin, don omar, vince, lucas black, ect should all be in the f&f 4. and btw if you need a K1 Attack my dad has one that he's looking to get rid of if you would want it for the movie or just anyone who wants it.

I think F&F4 is a great idea and they should go ahead with it right away , but man they need some changes. Im sick of seein these complete pieces of ricer crap. enough with the hondas and cars we know we would never see out ramming the roads. Bring it like it is on the streets now , some show and all go. Would rather see a built eagle talon tsi stomping on a street built camaro ss or even a a GMC Typhoon. Just would really like to see the street scene back onts feet again.

I think it should combine the 4 characters for a perfect link between the movies....
It should mix muscles, exotics and imports....and it should take place in the US and Japan......

I think they should definately bring Vin and Paul back. I think they need to leave off where them two left off. Lucas Black should come back also. I think it would neat to see them all team up and start kicking everyone's ass. I think a good plot would be that they are such an unstoppable team, they decide to get involved in a big high stakes racing competition. Each person could have their own special driving skills. Something goes wrong and the bosses of the competiton go after them. You have to keep a good guy bady guy plot going, just like the rest of them. I think imports and muscle should be in and i also think they need to bring in some of these so called "exotics" and show just how good they are against high performance tuned out cars and good ole American muscle.

i think that vin paul and tyrese should all be in it. mia too. it should deffenatly be in nyc. if it is, deffenatly not muscle cars nyc and muscle cars dont go together. tyrese and vin shouldnt get along. everyone from the first should be in it. and especially ludacris. lucas should go to nyc and hear about paul and then he'd team up with them. then everyone would be in it. racing against all the gangstas in nyc or the triads. that movie would be sick.

I think they should continue it from the second one where Paul Walker, and Tyrese Gibson are the most popular street racers in Miami(the cars that paul walker drives are the Skyline, and the Evo from the 2nd one, and Tyrese drives the eclipse spyder from the second one).But Vin is also in Miami with a new,(and very skilled)crew.But the miami police somehow bust them all(without damaging their cars),and say they need all their help tobust another(super skilled)crew wanted for hijacking trucks full of some new kind of super car technology. Paul,and Vin are going to have to work together.

i think that the new fast and furious should have all the main charectars from the first film and roman (tyrese) from the second

we think that paul and vin should be in it and both muscle and import tuner.

the fast and the furious world race is a greate title for the 4th film and my got this film is going out with a bang if was produced. oviously bring back vin and paul as there the leading actors of the whole fsat and the furious.And yeah i noticed that the exsisting 3 films were based on sprint,circuit and drift.so you may think that there is'nt any more car racing style's left but to have all three race style in the 4th film.Have the 4th film based in NYC as ski scrappers flashing lights beautiful young woman and best of all the best tuned up cars in the world all race in style. keep in touch speedyscott@hotmail.co.uk ENGLAND NOTTINGHAM

i think those from fandf and 2f 2f should meet w/ tokyo drift somehow maybe woth new DK coming with vin d to america again and get in trouble w the law and therefore find walker who bails em out and they are introd to the new racing place

i think you should start where tokyo drift ended and have import cars and muscle .And also have vin'walker'and lucas black in the fourth film.also maybe in japan again or back in america .

they should have a story line where muscle cars take on the import tuned cars

They should def bring Vin and Paul back. Why not, they started it and I think I speak for everyone when I say they should end it! As for the location, its should def be NYC. Shit, it already took place in Cali and Miami, not betta place than NYC. And it should def take place right after the first one with Vin riding in his Supra that Paul gave him. Now for cars, I dont really know. Maybe just a lil bit of everything on the streets, that way everyone's happy. But most def imports, com on thats wot started it!!!

I feel that they should start 4 with where they left off with 3 and have the new drift king race the old school muscle. Then during the course of the movie have paula walker come back and have a major race with all 3 of the actors. End with Vin Diesel winning or have them all tie with different ways of driving. They could have 4 races that all 3 must be in on each ones own private territory. Miami being Paul Walkers, California being Vin Diesel, Tokyo being I forgot his name each one wins on his own turf and then the final race be done some place exotic where the conditions would be all styles of driving incorporated with each one ending in a tie.

This will show that regardless of the differences the skill all together makes 3 ultimate drivers.

I think that they should have Vin Diesel and Paul Walker as the main characters and then they should get in trouble and call for back up from their mates, Tyrese(from 2fast2furious) and lucas black. Trust me it would probably th BIGGEST film ever... wel car related :P.... but i really want Paul Walker n Vin D back because they are the ones that made the fast n furious what it has become today and that is a phenomenon.


P.S i'm thinking of gettin the Nissan 350Z anyone got any advice?? wuld be very helpful cos i don't wna get the wrong car.

Nah the 4th fast and furious shuld still be Tokyo drift
but countiune on with The New DK And Vin diesel But Then They Meet With Brian And Them 3 From A Crew Like In The First One And Try To Takeover the Drifting In Tokyo.. Just Like The Old DK Did. But there should be alot of rivalry in this one i think for example Crew Vvs Crew If You Lose You Get A Bit Of Turf took off u just like need for speed carbon would be brill.

you know what.. lolol they just need to make the 4th movie so i can keep dreaming ..

i really liked the trilodgy and hope that they make a fourth one with all the main charachters in one big race. (p.s its a good movie to watch when your high)(p.p.s they should bring back han because he was the dogs bollocs

Come on people lets be honest.. How many of you are really so serious about this? 2Fast 2Furious had its closure as 2 friends (Brian & Rome) start hanging back out and said they'd open a shop together... To leave out Rome and bring back Brian somewhere would suggest that it all turned to be ratshit, since their "pockets weren't empty cuz". At the end of the first fast and the furious, after the credits, it shows dominic toretto, crusing through the mexican plains saying how he's free for the 10 seconds in a quarter mile... It shows no1 else, no friends, no Letty, nothing... this suggest he blames himself for people getting hurt and flies solo... assuming that the authorities wanted to catch him from the extreme hiests they'd made, he fleed to Tokyo. As it turns out he knew Han, probably before alot of the commotion... this could in turn suggest a prequel to the fast and the furious could be in order... Consisting of Han, Dominic Toretto, and the story behind him winning the car off Han could probably be a first race starting point like DK and Sean Boswell. OR... it could be a story of Dominic Toretto and Sean Boswell being an evenly matches pair that open a shop together by day, that team up by nightfall as a elite force for tandem drift, each person with their own opponent, racing to take the finish line, 1 or the other, just as ur racer friend helps u or takes the lead in the hit video game Need for Speed Carbon. Think about this people, and the producers... This is not something we want to screw up, i think if this flows, it sets a mark for a great series to create a massive and captivating story of underground car culture, and the relationships, respect, and lessons learnt by people from their history within motorsport.

Motorsport is no joke, it's a lifestyle.


Fast and the Furious 4 should have Vin Diesel and Lucas Black leave Tokyo to go back to America were they meet up with Paul Walker and Tyrese. Brian should meet up with Mia and finds out shes getting married. at that point all four drivers get invited to a underground street circuit were there is no rules and they race teams all around the world, that way everyone gets the cars they want to see both muscle and import cars and low rider trucks. Fast and the Furious 4 should take place as a rally track some were in Brazill or other rally enviroment.

I think it should start with pall walker racing someone in miami not knowing who he is (vin diesel and the main charachter from the third one) loosing to him. and then having paul walker and tyrees help save vins sister somewhere who paul still has feeilings for. Basing all of the movie around the first 2 and dont involve the 3 one at all except for that one charachter . In think that the fans would enjoy if you combinded the first two because some fans were dissapointed not having anyone from the first to in the third movie.

hey guys you got it all wrong the best storyline would be to pick up at the end of tokyo drift remeber deisel says he knew han and used to race with him well it should go back to that and show the past of how han and deisel knew each other and work its way to the point of han coming to tokyo

more drift


Has any one thought over the element of the legit racing that some of the riders are talking about in the first one I think that it could still make a pretty nice film if brian and roman decided to spend the money on making a legal place to race and they start out with a huge tournament to "publish" them selfs were fore example Dom and lucas races !! this could be a nice way to show a part of racing that hasn't been touched yet

i say the movie should start the way it ended in f and f 3 but this time we have Lucas Black and Paul Walker team up together. Im thing of the movie beging call The Fast and The Furious 4 Underground Imports. the reason why i pick this name is because many people i no watching movie based on night time. and we can have this base on an underground city race wit people from The Fast and The Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious together but first to talk about how Lucas Black and Paul Walker meet. Now im thinkin they could meet because Lucas Black thinks about leaving to miami,fl and keep Paul Walker in mimai the way it ended in number 2 with him and Tyres opening a place for cars and Lucas Black comes with his car (not sure with what car Import or Muscle) and he finds paul walker and Tyres there ( I was also thinking that paul walker should have his Skyline back

I say that they should combine everything and make it back to number 2 vin kicks luckas blacks ass and than he tells him to go with him to miami to learn real streetracing american style :D then they somehow meet up with paul and tyrese and they continue the story from number 2 as well like brian is together with the cop girl :D it would be a nice and tricky movie and they meet tha japanese guy again and mabey the mafia guy has come out from the jail and he takes brians girl and so on theres so many ideeas :D its awesome :D

CALLING ALL FAST AND FURIOUS FANS - Studios have just released a memo with Fast and the Furious 4 marked for production before next year, and with a Director attached!

Read the story here.

[Removed because it was just aggressive and antagonistic - Richard]. the next ovie should be muscle cars vs. tuners and it should start where the third one ended

[Removed because it was just aggressive and antagonistic - Richard]. and second the next movie should be muscles vs. tuners and it should start where the third one left off.

i think conner looks for domminic in mexico with tyrese. tell dom cops got an offer for ... to clean his record if his gthey go undercover ..also mia and lettty(michelle rodriguez) come back and help them to with the rest of the cast of the first film...please bring lettyyyyyyyyyyback i love her character

lets have it all in this one american import exotic lets throw in some bagged and body dropped truks that would be it right there

Well i love the whole series, from 1 to 3. And now that they are coming out with a 4th that just outstanding. I do agree on bringing back Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, and they need to keep Lucas Black, but Tyrese can make a cameo apprenece, or at least don't make him a chessey...or bring in Ludacris. Taking place in Brazil? Not that's risky. The car scene is that big there. My opinion is take it to Europe, throw some exotics in there mixed with imports and muscle. You could even do a cannonball run over the states or in europe. Another thought would be bring bikes in there mixed with imports. I mean this can go many different ways. What ever Chris Morgan comes up with will probably be great anyways.

I love all the fast n furious films but the third one was stupid as it didnt carry on the same characters or story line, but dont get me wrong, Ive still watched it a hundred times.
making a forth was the best idea ever thought of!
make sure paul walker n vin diesal reunite n bring bak rome. The forth movie has to tie in all the missing pieces to form the whole story from the first to the forth.
u gotta have some imports in there, specially an r34 skyline.
a nissan 350z crossfire n corvette z06 wouldnt go astray...


I think in the fourth fast and the furious vin diesel and paul walker defiantly should be in it! I liked it way better with them two, they made the movie so good and they should defiantly drive import tuner cars just like the first one! I also think they should stay with the drag racing scene like in the first and second Fast and the Furious i dont think there is any point to drifting?

It’s all about the Tuners and unique customs. Unfortunately you can’t filter out all that rice because some of it adds some flair to the Movie Screen. I drive a sleeper but I still use a Purge Kit . . . ( ;

Heard a rumor about filming number 4 in Brazil and don’t know what to make of it. I would prefer that they Film one in Europe. I lived in Germany on and off for several years and I can tell you from experience that “ You Can’t Beat The Autobahn ” There is nothing like driving 140mph and getting passed by an M series, AMG or Ferrari like you were standing still. And Just In Case You Didn’t Know . . . All European Imports and Import Dealers are JDM Spec.

Europe is the Best place to film a Fast and the Furious Movie . .. .. You cannot convince me otherwise.

i think you should have alot of muscle cars and a few import.
i also think both vin diesel and paul walker should be characters in the film

bring back eva mendes, paul walker,Tyrese Gibson and vin diesel.it would be the greatest fast and furious fil eva. i loved tokyo drift and i hope the these people are brought in to the next

Guys you haven't been following the news, Walker and Diesel are in the film - where have you been?

Check out these stories for the latest news.

u should start where part 3 left off cuz i wanna c diesel drift

i was just wondering of pual walker is going to be in the fourth fast and the furious

Hi Anthony,

Yes Paul Walker is in the new Fast and the Furious. If you check out the link in Richard's comment, a few above your one, it has loads of news in it for Fast and the Furious.


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