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The Flying Scotsman gets released

TheFlyingScotsman_NZPoster.jpgLast year I saw the film The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review) at the Edinburgh Film Festival and I loved it, you should see it on the sidebar under the Review Quotes and Filmstalker Recommends. Now it is getting a release in New Zealand, Italy, UK and Australia, as well as a limited US release, here are the dates:

New Zealand - 26 April 2007
USA - 4 May 2007
Italy - 2 June 2007
UK - 6 July 2007
Australia - 26 July 2007

I can do nothing more than thoroughly recommend this film, you really should see it. It tells a wonderful story of a man filled with passion and drive, as well as struggling with terrible depression. It's a great underdog story and a true one at that. Head over and read my glowing review which is also spoiler free.

In fact my review seems to have gotten noticed. See this poster? It's the New Zealand marketing poster for the film which should be in various places over New Zealand as I type. There's a little quote in the top right of that poster. See it? No, didn't think you would, here's a close up...

You can read the quote really well, but you might not be able to make out the name underneath it, it is a bit small...


...Let me help you. It says Filmstalker. Yes, I could not believe it when I received the poster quote, and what's more it's for an amazing film that's about a Scottish bloke who loves cycling...uncanny!

A big shout of thanks to Andrew from Rialto. These guys have made me incredibly happy, I was as excited as a kid going to the cinema for the first time, really. He was also kind enough to send me copies of the poster, one of which is to be framed and is going up in my cinema room.

Also, many thanks to The Flying Scotsman unofficial film site who pointed me to the poster. They also have a competition running for free tickets to the New Zealand showing, as well as links for other competitions and free tickets, so get over there and enter.

If you're in New Zealand and want to see the film, the site also have a list of the cinemas that are showing it come release day. They even are kind enough to carry a quote from my review.

Go and see the film, and I mean that poster quote or not, it's a wonderful heart warming tale with some great messages, and they come from the real life story of Graeme Obree, see the Filmstalker review for more information.




The Filmstalker mention was just icing on the cake really eh Richard?

Will check this film out, gave me an idea, we really should organise some film watching sessions for those filmstalkers living in London.


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