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The Reaping pictures and Swank interviewed

TheReaping.jpgThere are some new pictures online for The Reaping, as well as an interesting interview with the star Hilary Swank.

She's got a great sense of humour about herself and her job, and something that really does come through is how incredibly normal she seems.

Q: Did you have to do anything special to train for this part? "I boxed, oh, no that was a different movie. (Laughs.) I acted like a boy. No, wait. Sorry. (Laughs.) No, there was nothing physical that I had to do for this movie."

She talks about how on the set of P.S., I Love You, Gerard Butler told her that he'd lost his great abs from the last film he was in, and she was saying how he looked great and not to worry about it...then later she saw 300 (Filmstalker review) and realised what he was talking about! She goes on to talk about the film plot.

What is perhaps the most interesting bit is where she discusses how she doesn't like to do a lot of rehearsing and would rather go and capture something on the first take.

"I think there is something that happens, like with Clint, he believes the first take is the best. He thinks that there is something that happens naturally and instinctively the first time and I think that if you do that in a rehearsal than you’ve lost it. And that first time isn’t on camera...

...Stephen did this a lot – would whisper and say secrets to the other actors. He would tell you guys. He come up to us all and say, ‘OK, in this take let’s do it this way.’ He’d say, ‘You do this and you do this.’ We didn’t really know what was going to happen which really keeps you on your toes."

The whole interview is over at Collider.com, lucky devils getting to interview her, and they also have quite a few pictures from the film too, most of which feature Swank.

I really like her as an actress, although I'm really not sure how to take The Reaping, there have been some up and down reviews.



The Reaping looks diabolical. If it's as bad as it sounds based on the plot description, then I hope it's at least "so bad it's good".

Gerry talking about his abs whilst working? I'd love to work with somebody like that! ;)


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