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Tranformers ultimate fan competition

Autobot_Tease.jpgThe Transformers film are running a competition to find the ultimate Transformers fan. Well, okay, actually it's the ultimate Transformers fan in the United States, nowhere else matters it seems.

All you have to do, once you qualify for being in the US and speaking English, is to make a film about why you are the ultimate Transformers fan. It could be something about your complete collection of Transformers figures - thanks for that suggestion Hasbro - or maybe you can act out some Transformers scenes. Whatever you want to do just film it, upload it to the site.

What's more is that the online application Jumpcut is being made available for you to edit it and add actual Transformers audio and music, once you've done all that you can submit your video for inclusion.

Once the date is reached a panel will review the entries and choose the winners, winners who can win a trip for two to ILM Studios in San Francisco, including airfare, accomodation and meals. Well who cares what else is involved, it's ILM!

So head over to the competition site and check the extensive rules and then get entering.



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