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Transformers pictures show Optimus Prime fighting

Transformers_Still_Rampage.jpgThere are stills from the Transformers showing more than we've ever seen of the robots, more even than the trailers and TV spots, and these shots look fantastic.

You can see Optimus Prime and Bonescrusher about to get into battle, Bonecrusher racing along a highway, and Barricade powering down on Shia LaBeouf. They look stunning, they really do, and part of me is disappointed I've seen them because watching them appear on the big screen would have been a huge moment, and looking at these I think it still will be.

I like these so much I'm going to include a smaller version of Bonecrusher, but to see the big ones just head over to Yahoo Movies through /Film who have the three large images, and superb ones they are too.

I can just imagine Bonecrusher racing across that road towards the car and ripping it apart...I really am getting excited about the film.



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