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Uwe Boll's Postal Twin Towers clip

UweBoll.jpgI can't believe this clip from Uwe Boll's film Postal, it seems that he's almost wanting to be hated throughout the U.S., and after you see this clip I think you just might, it's unbelievable.

If I were to describe it you wouldn't believe it, but I'm going to give it a go.

It shows a window cleaner cleaning away, the camera facing him from inside the building. He's cleaning at some height as you can see a huge tower behind him and a big city scape stretching for some distance. Then there's the roar of engine noise and suddenly you realise what's happening as a plane starts to enter in from the distance...

BollBashers [QT:MOV] have the clip which you can download if you wish.

What do you think of this? Can you believe that clip? I'm astounded, really. Part of me thinks he's just ended his career, in the U.S. anyway. What are your thoughts...I almost dread to think.



What can you even say to sickening stuff such as this? He's hoping it generates controversy, because controversy = ticket sales. Instead, people will just think he's even more of an idiot than they already thought that he was.

The guy is a hack.

For a moment I thought it was Uwe Boll cleaning the window. A job he is probably best suited.


Dude, I didn't cover this over at Screen Rant just so he wouldn't get even more publicity on this.



Well I think it should be covered and a lot of sites are (as most seemingly watch BollBashers directly...ahem) so that people know his intent in that scene.


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