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Wahlberg says no Departed sequel

MarkWahlberg.jpgMark Wahlberg may be backing away from his earlier comments on the possibility of a sequel to The Departed (Filmstalker review) as he now suggests that a sequel is not likely.

In recent comments he compares it to The Brazilian Job, a film that I thought was going ahead, but there you go:

"Until I'm actually on the set it's not happening. It's about as confirmed as the Italian Job sequel, The Brazilian Job...Until we can make it better than the first one, it's not worth discussing."

The comments come from Teletext and suggest that the film really isn't goin anywhere.

I think it's safe to say that we could have guessed that already, all the talk was just speculation and possibly trying to keep his name involved so if there was a sequel he wouldn't be far from it. Or, he was just talking openly to the press anyway.

Regardless, it doesn't look like this is happening anytime soon, and I'm guessing that you all think that's a good idea. Anyway, there are plenty more Asian gangster films to remake!



He probably got a call for Scorsese... I can get it now...

Martin: Hey Mark. Hey, it's Marty.
Mark: Marty! Oh, dude! I've come up with some great ideas for The Departed sequel...
Martin: Umm, Mark...
Mark: Yeah, first of all, I'm the star, because, you know, with the Oscar nomination and all, people want me for once...
Martin: Yeah, Mark... that's what I'm calling you about... You, uh... you gotta stop making up these lies to the press... I already have about 37 movies lined up, and a The Departed prequel or sequel isn't one of those... so, uh... you should probably find some sort of other movies to do for a while...
Mark: (silence)
Martin: Well, uh, I'll call you if anything comes up, though, k, Mark?
*hangs up*

"Until I'm actually on the set it's not happening"

Because no movie in history has ever happened without Mark Wahlberg being on set, you know.

Has Drew since this news yet? ;)


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