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Was Chow Yun-Fat too demanding for Battle of Red Cliff?

ChowYun-Fat.jpgYesterday I talked about the news about Chow Yun-Fat backing out of John Woo's The Battle of Red Cliff, interestingly today the official statement comes out and it is somewhat different from Yun-Fat's.

According to the statement from Terence Chang who is a Producer for the film, they are busy reworking the schedule since they no longer have their lead and that he left because the bond company CineFinance would not approve his agreement.

Now that is different to the statement we heard from the actor yesterday who said that his script arrived very late, too late for him to learn all the Mandarin in the script which wasn't his native tongue, and that leaving was nothing to do with the companies behind the film or with problems on set. He even said that he took a salary cut for the film. Strange that he would say that all up front, strange until we hear these statements today.

The article in Variety says that Agency reports quote a China Film Group source as saying that Chow had made unreasonable demands above industry standards.

Okay, bear in mind that is rumour, but it does contradict his statement of yesterday which seems very amicable and honest. Just what is going on behind the scenes?

Interestingly the confirmed cast through Variety doesn't show Tony Leung, and with the previous rumour he was taking a break from acting and dropping out of the film, is he also off the project?



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