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Weinstein's confirm Grindhouse UK split

HarveyWeinstein.jpgIt has to be said the Weinstein's are very kind to us here in the UK, they've now announced that Grindhouse will be split into two separate releases for the UK only, confirming the story from the 14th of April that some people put down as false.

So we don't get a chance to see both films together, and we'll have to pay double to see the whole feature now, just like the rest of the world's releases are going to be. What sticks in my throat more is that Weinstein tries a positive spin:

"...we've revised our U.K. release plans to allow audiences the chance to see the films separately..."

Oh how kind of you, we were so keen for this, after all we didn't want to just pay once to see Grindhouse, that wouldn't make any sense at all. Why pay once when we can pay twice? That means if only twenty people go to see it they get the profits from forty.

Wait a minute, is this really about giving the UK the best experience, or is it about trying to maximise profits to try and get a profit going?

Variety has a bit more on his comment, but the main part is that Death Proof will be released on September the 21st and there's no date for Planet Terror as yet.



Well, just lost money from me - not paying to go see half a film at the pictures.

Talk about greed.

If I was Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino I would make sure that Grindhouse be releaased back-to-back, the way it should be, the way it was meant to be. Not to have the film split into two. I mean what was the point in making it otherwise?

Rodriguez and Tarantino - defend your film! (if you care).

This is the most absurd decision I've heard in a long time. I will certainly not be seeing these films at the cinema separately.

I smell feature here, Richard. How do you penalize the distributor but support something unique and creative? I'm really sorry to hear people won't be going to see this because it really is a great experience, but I'm also a bit aggravated with the Weinsteins this week for reasons unrelated to Grindhouse.

This is absolute crap!!!! I can't believe how upset this makes me. I want to see the films back to back as they were intended!

The problem is that they are trying to make this movie appeal to the masses but it's not that type of movie! If people don't 'get it', if they think it's silly having the two films together then they shouldn't watch it because it's not for them!

Some how, in some way I will see these as intended! I am not going to pay to go and see the films seperate! I will arrange my own screaning if I need to.

If they dont release it until September and split it up they are going to have some serious piracy problems. Also we will lose all the fake trailers they have made for the intermission!! I don't usually download movies like these but if they are going to fvck around, I'll settle for a dvdrip!!

This shitty idea of the split is turning out to be a lot worse than the original "desaster" in the US. I hope who ever came up with the idea knows that thay are the bigger problem. The hole thing is now a cock up and is messing the fans around, i have no idea what to do...see the the film.....oh yeah FILM's or just buy the R1 dvd.
This is a fine example of showing that film companys only care about money, they have no intressed in the fans - NEW low, its sad.

This is complete bull,whateva happened to miramax - they used to be the cool indie company,now they are just as money-hungry as the rest. History has shown that the uk is more open to new ideas when it comes to film and yet we are being punished because americans didnt get the idea of a grindhouse. i for one would sooner wait in the hope that one day i may see the film as grindhouse and not as death proof followed 3 months later by planet terror...F**k you weinsteins you ruined my dream movie!


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