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Bad cinema experiences

BrokenMirror.jpgWell Friday the 13th was last week and while it's very much a superstition, people still hold the date at arms length, scared of what might go wrong.

I was thinking about Friday the 13th and how to tie this into a feature. My first thought was to discuss slasher films and horror, but then I pondered what the date really means, and that's bad luck. If things can go wrong then they will go wrong, and they inevitably do.

So what's happened to you, and not just on that fateful day, but what's gone wrong for you in the cinema? Or what have you seen happen to someone else?

Now before you say I know this is almost a week late but I felt that the discussion of the erosion of society through film might have provoked more debate so that ran first. So on with the feature.

There's the usual dropping of something, and while that's never too bad, it is when the person behind you drops an entire large carton of juice and it begins to pour down the steps beneath the seats. That's bad luck.

Luckily I've never had an experience ruined by the film going wrong, a power cut, or something equally as devastating. The one time that the projection was messed up was thankfully fixed pretty quickly. The bottom of the picture was showing at the top of the screen and the top of the picture at the bottom, luckily that was remedied as soon as the titles were cleared.

My favourite story is something that happened to me. I sometimes get tongue tied and mix up words, you'll have noticed it even in my typing! Twice now I've gone up to the food counter and instead of asking for Popcorn I've asked for Cockporn, and believe me, that's embarrassing!

So what disastrous things have happened to you at the cinema or because of the movies? Has something gone wrong for someone in the audience? The film been ruined? Been dumped in the cinema even? How has Friday the 13th affected your trip to the cinema?



It happened when I was still in the Philippines.

It was the opening day for Carlito's Way and I couldnt wait to see this film mainly because of Al Pacino so I decided to watch it alone without my bf at the time. His reaction to me doing this is altogether another story.

Now the cinema wasnt full at the time I went which was early afternoon nd I chose to sit on the corner of the aisle, 3rd row from the back. About 30 minutes into the film, a man sat beside me and started to graze my arm with his. I didnt do anything but when he started to grab my knee I screamed and ask him to get his filthy hand off my knee and very well leave me alone or else I am calling security. The usher probably heard me, he came and took him out quietly.

I stayed and enjoyed the rest of the film. ;)

I've had a couple of bad experiences actually come to think of it. Mainly with people I know/knew.

The first one was when I went to see Hostel on a 'date' if you like. I wasn't interested in the person but they were clearly interested in me, which I dreaded when taking up the offer to go the cinema. Whilst watching the film (which I must say I wasn't a fan of it at all) the hand of the person I was with started to find itself on my leg, well my knee. Sooner or later it reached my [coughs] private area, which made me jump and made me realise I shouldn't of taken up the offer for the night at all (which I didn't want to anyway). As soon as the person realised I didn't want anything to happen they got up to go to the toilet at which point I nearly left to go home. By the end of the film I wish I had. So much for the delicious taste of popcorn!

The second was only a couple of months ago infact. I went with a friend and his friend to go and see The First King of Scotland. About twenty minutes into the film he borrowed his friend's jacket because he said he was cold. About ten minutes after that the jacket starts moving. I'm not (fully) stupid, so I assumed that the girl, his friend, was doing something to him using her hand.

About half hour of constant movent within the jacket the girl leans forward. I look but only from the corner of my eye and she is now watching the film whilst leaning forward. But... the jacket is still moving and my friend beside me is slumped in the chair. It quickly came to my attention that it wasn't the girl giving him sexual pleasures but himself. It also came to my attention that the girl must of thought it was me giving him one!

Now I know its only natural and he must of been horny, but the fact that the whole row was shaking in time with him was a bit embarressing as the people further down the row could only see me.

So much for the Scottish accent :P

This is funny, I was born on a Friday 13th LOL.

I recall some not-so-god experiences at the movies. Since I live in a small town, and not a great city, the local cinema offers plenty of insatisfactions, but also in Barcelona I had some:

-When I went to watch "Schindler´s List" with my mum at Barcelona, a group of teenagars were shouting and laughing at the most emotional moments. We left the cinema in despair, and enjoyed later, much more, at home.

-In "The Phantom Menace" release in Mollet, the cinema owners didn´t want to allow me to go with my nephew to the bathroom. But I did, oh yes I did.

-At "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", the movie was interrupted, not once, but twice, by some malfunction!

-When I went to watch "A History of Violence" in Barcelona, the owners, with a far from full cinema, forced me to seat in my numbered ticket seat. When I tried to sit again in a more fancy place, they cama again to warn me. Damn them!

-And finally, the whole experience of "Pirates of the Caribbean", the first one. I went in a bad company who, along with all the rest of the audience, was enjoying and laughing at things that said nothing to me. I felt like an alien and I almost end up phisically ill LOL.

Not bad.

I think the biggest problem I've had at a theater was when we went to see Blade III at a local Cinemark and some kids put something into the return air vents. My wife left the movie to check on the odor with management and saw cops who when asked said they didn't know what it was but assured her it wasn't dangerous (eh?). Keep in mind this was around the time of all of the Anthrax scares in the U.S. We had about decided to stay when whatever it was started to affect my breathing (I have mild asthma). After a short explanation to the cops (no really...it's probably just asthma) and with refund in hand, we headed across town to another theater.

Hmmm... worst experience I can think of in a cinema was at The Crow back in 1994, a fight nearly broke out during the film. The noise only lasted a few seconds, though, nothing really came of it. And during Brother about six years ago I had to leave cos the sound of construction work elsewhere in the building, which was undergoing renovations at the time, was irritating the hell out of me. Can't think of anything else non-technical going badly wrong, though.

Walked out of David Duchovny's Playing God, I thought it was so horrible!

oooooh I've got one, man.

My best friend and I went to a midnight showing of "From Dusk Till Dawn" and were looking forward, through word of mouth, to seeing some straight out vampire staking action. We were waiting for it. We were geared for it.

When the action finally came, it was worth it. As the entire bar erupted into blood spurting, body-guitar-playing-frenzied mayhem, we cheered. And as our temporarily favorite characters cowered in the back room, with hundreds of blood suckers at the door, against all odds, we cowered with them behind our seats...

...then they decided to gear up, using what was at hand, to fight the S.O.B.'s and go down fighting. They geared up, and got ready to kick tail, and my buddy and I cheered for them.

Then, they went to the door to open it up and go buckwild...


We stood, startled. Did that just happen? Was it part of the movie?

As we stared at that blank screen for almost ten minutes, it finally dawned on us we were screwed, with the worst luck and timing in the history of projectionism.

Needless to say we got free passes to any showing we wanted the next day, went, enjoyed the movie again, and saw the ending...but man...the film just had to break THERE. Right before the end.

That was my worst movie experience...unless you count the time I paid to see "House of the Dead".

I've had one bad cinema experience..

In August 2007, me and my boyfriend (we'd been together 5 months.. we've been together 2 years now) decided to watch The Simpsons Movie in Cineworld in Llandudno Junction. It had been out for 5 days and of course, the cinema was packed, so we got whatever seats were free. Anyway, near the front (we were at the back) was this small kid, and this kid was about 3 years old and she kept screaming!! She screamed through the first part of the film (thankfully not the Spider Pig part lol) and finally, at about 45 minutes into the movie, the parent took the kid out!!
Thank god I have the DVD now, so we can watch it without screaming lol :P

Rachel, the same thing happened to me at the Simpsons viewing in Birmingham, kids SCREAMING throughout the whole thing. A guy directly behind us was talking really loudly on his phone throughout the whole thing obviously not watching. In fact everyone seemed to be talking and you could hardly hear the film. I've never gone back to that cinema, it was also the filthest one i've been too.

I used to live in Stafford and one evening me and my boyfriend decided to to see Torque at a 6pm showing which hadn't been out long. So we went a bit early to get tickets and a good seat. Brought the tickets and went in...and it was completely empty. We assumed we had just got there really early and people would be coming soon. Ten minutes later, no one there...and then the lights went down and the film started a bit later. We later discovered the probable reason was that the film was completely awful but it was very surreal being in a totally empty cinema screen feeling like everyone was laughing at us watching a crap film on our own (it wasn't a small screen either!)

I later had a different evening in the same cinema watching scary movie 3 where the whole place appeared to be full of teenagers drinking alcohol and throwing popcorn (it wasn't a very good cinema!)


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