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Whitaker joins Washington's The Great Debaters

ForestWhitaker.jpgIn what seems like a dream line up, Forest Whitaker is joining Denzel Washington on The Great Debaters, with Washington directing the film inspired by a true story.

We previously heard that Washington was going to direct and star in this film which tells the story of Mel Tolson, a man regarded as one of the great African American poets.

In the 1930's he was a professor at Wiley College in Texas where he inspired his students to form a debating team, the first for the college which was predominantly black. Amazingly for this first time team, they went onto defeat the Harvard team in the national championships.

The casting news comes from Variety. Although Washington has had directing experience before, I would be nervous at directing such a talent as Whitaker, a man who is a proven director and supreme actor.

The winners in this are most definitely us though, these two talents on screen together? Superb. Yet which is the most iconic to you, and who has given you the best performance? Washington or Whitaker?



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