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White takes Static from Ritchie

Sylvain White is now attached to direct the futuristic thriller Static, replacing the last known name on the project, Guy Ritchie.

The story is written by Brad Gann and is set in L.A. in the future where the leader of the city's hardest gang has to battle his rival gangs as he is transported to testify against corrupt members of the city's police force.

That's the write up by The Hollywood Reporter which makes me think immediately of 16 Blocks (Filmstalker review) which tells the same story, except it's not in the future. Thankfully though let's be happy that Ritchie isn't on the project!

Interestingly White is also attached to direct the adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel Ronin, so when Miller said that 300 was the last story of his to be directed by someone else I think he forgot this one.



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